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Web Hosting: 7 Terms You Need to Understand

Written by Erika Villanueva on . Posted in IDEAS


If you’re new to web hosting, the jargon web hosts use in their hosting package plans may confuse you. Here’s a quick guide on what’s what in the wonderful world of Web hosting.

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is web hosting in which the service provider serves pages for multiple websites with their own internet domain name and web server.

Think of it as an apartment. Your website lives on the same building with hundreds of others, all sharing the same water and electricity resource, or in this case — bandwidth. This is possible because each of those sites probably use minimal bandwidth which allows providers to offer the service on the cheap.  However, shared hosting isn’t advisable for websites with high traffic. These sites will need a dedicated server provided in-house or by a web hosting service.

Linux/Windows hosting: In web hosting, you are either Linux or Windows – nothing more. They are the male-female equivalent of the web hosting world. Both Linux and Windows are operating systems. Linux was once the King Penguin of the web hosting world before Windows came along. Linux is FREE and supports a diverse scripting language of PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, or Python by default. Windows, on the other hand, is able to handle the NET scripts which are very powerful language and are slowly becoming more popular. Linux is still more popular among web hosting programs, thus it will be easier to find a Linux hosting system with the features that you are looking for. Also, Windows web hosting usually costs more than Linux.

Take note: Your Windows desktop is not the same as a Windows server.

VPS hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS gives you your own server with its own resources but only allots a certain amount of resources for your server.

Think of it as a cake being cut into pieces. When someone takes a slice, he only takes his without disturbing the others. So if a server has 8GB of memory to be split into four VPSs, each VPS will only be receiving 2GB of memory – guaranteed. However, if another VPS on the same server gets real busy, it might steal some of your dedicated memory and processing time.

Dedicated hosting: A dedicated server is a server that you either purchase or lease for yourself with a full access to its resources. There’s no sharing of resources. It’s a physical box in a data center somewhere that’s 100 percent yours.

Managed hosting: In the web hosting industry, managed hosting adds an additional level of support and assistance over what you would normally get with a VPS or dedicated server. This means that the hosting company takes over many of the technical and backend aspects of hosting. It’s like maintaining your own car. Sure, you can do it on your own but wouldn’t you feel better if a qualified mechanic did it for you?

Colocation: A collocated server is a lot like dedicated web hosting services. The only difference is that it’s a lot cheaper. You are in full control of the website and its hardware. You can still change your collocation provider quite easily if you are not satisfied with what you’re using. The web host doesn’t do much of anything except to check that the server is still on. Everything else is up to you.

Check out our infographics on web hosting here. You can also visit to learn more about iManila’s web hosting services!



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Erika Villanueva

Erika Villanueva

Erika Villanueva is the vertically-challenged assistant marketing manager of iManila. She believes in the magic of metaphors, relates to Batman's dark mood, enjoys Milan Kundera's wry humor, and considers sarcasm as an effective communication tool. She grooves and headbangs to the sounds of John Mayer , Jimi Hendrix, and The Black Keys.
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