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Month: July 2017

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Hosting?


Cloud (and cloud hosting) are two of the big things in the IT industry in the recent decade. It was even dubbed as the future of web hosting for its advanced feature than the physical servers. And since then, most software, systems, and other infrastructures are now being transferred to the cloud. Following that mass migration to the cloud comes different buzz and arguments about how reliable it is being in the cloud.

For those who are still having second thoughts about getting into the cloud or using cloud server, here are the things that you might want to read. These are the three things that could enlighten you about choosing cloud hosting and servers.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The cloud has a wide-array of features making it suitable for the varying needs of the whoever migrates into it. If you feel like starting out needs to be modest, you can do such. Cloud is a platform that allocates spaces according to what you desire. In this way, you can start with the basic plan if you wish to. This is to save you cost while your business is still simmering in growth, which can save you some cash, rather than starting big and eventually realize that you cannot maximize the entire server.

  • Scalability

As previously discussed, the cloud has the ability to give you exactly the space you need. So if you started with a small storage and processing power, it is easy to always upgrade your space and CPU capacity without the fuss of migration your database to another server. What you’ll need to do is to coordinate with your cloud provider and you’ll just pay the additional fees for the upgrades.


  • Stability

It is fact that there are times when retrieval of data and other important files failed when your in-house server solutions have encountered hardware and software problems – or even outages that potentially last an entire afternoon. Having an established and dependable Cloud hosting provider like iManila, you can be sure of a constant level of service 24/7.


iManila’s cloud hosting service guarantees stability and scalability to our customers. We swear by it, and that is exactly what we provide.  It is cost-effective, and together with our 24/7 technical support team, we can give you round-the-clock assistance regarding your cloud hosting needs.

Sounds a good deal to you? Leave us a message or inquiry on iManila Contact Us page. Or you may call our tech team at (02) 959-4807 or speak with one of our sales executives at (02) 490-0000, 01 and 03.


source: hyve.com


A reliable web hosting is essential to building a website for your business. Your website files are all stored in a remote computer server which is called a host. It works when a certain online user wants to view your website and searched for your domain name or website address into their browser. Then, their computer will connect to your website server and your website content will be delivered to their browsers.

Easy as it may seem but it involves various technical processes and technologies. Thus, a web hosting provider or company is a business that has the technologies and services needed for your website or webpages to be seen on the Internet.

You can get hosting services from reputable hosting services providers or company for a certain cost. But, before you get one for your website, you must first know the different types of hosting services that are available and what suits your business.

Here are the three different types of website hosting that you can choose from:

  • Virtual Server Hosting – This is also dubbed as a virtual private server (VPS) that is available for your web hosting needs. It is actually a virtual server that a user perceives as a dedicated or private server even though it is installed on a physical computer that runs multiple operating systems. This kind of hosting is a shared system and has lesser user traffic but provides good speed. Web contents are loaded faster in this type of hosting system.
  • Cloud Shared HostingThis hosting system is one of the most common and the best option for small and medium enterprises. In this kind of hosting, the web space is being shared with multiple business entities while the maintenance and cost of the web hosting service are also being shared by the users. But, you only pay for the space that was allocated for you. In addition, this also provides a notable backup support.
  • Dedicated HostingIn this kind of hosting system, excellent performance can be guaranteed. Dedicated hosting is a kind of website hosting where a business entity leases an entire server to provide them with their own data center. While this type may cost more budget than the other two, it promises great speed and full control over the server.


Now that you have an idea on the different types of web hosting services, the next step is to look for the best and most reliable web hosting provider that will not just cater your needs but will also exceed your expectations. Turn to iManila and see our excellence as it happens


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Want some good news? If you do website revamp and transfer your hosting to us, your first year of hosting service is free with these security features.

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Security Questions to Ask Your Hosting Providers


Your suppliers and agency partners are also your business partners. At the very least, they should earn your trust. As service providers, your suppliers should think like you, and should value your business they way you do – and your hosting provider is not an exemption in the list.

The truth is, not all hosting providers are made equal, and definitely, not all of them can empathize with you. To make sure you are getting what you exactly need, below are the things you need to ask your hosting provider in terms of your hosting security.

Asking your hosting provider about security feature that will fend-off most malware and virus attack is mandatory. Also, it is in your best interest to ask them about how they handle such events and making sure that your data is protected.

However, as a client, you also need to closely monitor your company email users and their activities, as it will hit your server hard. Usually, malicious files are sent via unscrupulous emails that can sometimes pass through the spam filters. This thing should be dealt with utmost supervision on your end.

Hosting providers that give you support in this case is a plus point. That means that they care for your business.

  • Security Against Digital Attacks

As what we’ve previously mentioned in our former blog entry, hackers work harder to find ways on how to mine important data from various websites that they want to attack. Your server security should work as hard these hackers to safeguard your important business information stored in your database.

But in times, when securities can no longer keep hackers at bay, ask your provider if they have protocols that can help you salvage all files in your database, so as not to hamper your business operations.

It is a plus point if your provider has regular backups of your site to make the impact of the attack bearable for you as a client.


This may not very a security feature, but this will be helpful for you. A hosting service provider with 24/7 support (either by chat or phone) is a must. The reason is that; perpetrators of malicious activities online are web inhabitants who work round the clock. There are chances that you might get caught in the middle of the night or during the wee hours when most of your IT personnel are off to bed or either out in the office with friends and their families.

The thing is, a 24/7 support feature gives you some sort of insurance that your provider is there to give you support when you need it the most – be it emergency cases of minuscule glitches.


These are the main things that should be of your concern regarding your business. Other nitty-gritty can be handled by your IT team. If you don’t have one, you can rely on some companies you can provide you consultancy or even the service to keep your IT needs and concern on the check.

iManila is a trusted provider of both reliable hosting services and tech support service that surely covers small and medium businesses IT concerns. Our lines are open 24/7 and our sales executives are available Mondays to Fridays to assist you with your web, IT, and digital marketing queries.

Emails: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

Telephone numbers: (02) 490-0000, 01, 03 or at (02) 959-4807

Mobile number: (+63) 917-8476005

Website Hosting Features You Should Know


We have mentioned it many times, and we think, we became very repetitive about it – your hosting service needs tighter security because your primary online presence depends on it.

Imagine your website that took a lifetime to load, or sections of your websites that are vulnerable to attacks and malware – are these the kind of situation that will give you peace of mind? NO, it is not, and it never will. Everything your company owns online is your digital assets. These are the building blocks that you need to mobilize and protect, to keep your digital marketing going.

Now, to kick start your website hosting security feature knowledge, below are the basic web server features you need to be familiar with:

The truth is, your website is potentially under attack 24/7. And as your business flourishes and keeps on growing online, you are becoming an attractive prey to lurking malicious online criminals. With a malware detector feature, you get to secure your website by putting a reliable line of defense against security breaches and attacks.

iManila’s web hosting service provides a malware detector that monitors your website 24/7 for vulnerabilities and attacks. When we say monitors, that means that it screens every aspect of your web presence daily to identify security gaps. It not only checks your website, email, and applications, but also search engine blacklists and spam filters. It doesn’t just monitor; it also notifies your IT personnel about the findings with corresponding fixes to boost your security. That is one less burden on your back, enabling you to focus more on pressing matters concerning your business and the day to day operations.


Securities are your first line of defenses. But as businesses like yours evolve, so are the hackers. Day by day, these people are working as hard as your online security to find fault and gaps that they can breach. And I mind you, they never stop, and probably they never will.

So iManila is integrating website backup feature to secure the latest backup version of your website. In this way, when your security features couldn’t keep up with these hackers, you can easily restore your website the way it is before the hacking incident.


You and your company are working round the clock, so should your hosting server. We in iManila understands the worries and pains of businesses like yours – because we are also like you – driven to serve clients and grow as an organization. And all these things in mind will surely stretch you thin.

Important things like your hosting servers should always be secured even if you are not focusing on it all the time. That is why we at iManila has made it easy for businesses to secure the most important data and information in their websites by integrating these security features on our hosting services.


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Want some good news? If you do website revamp and transfer your hosting to us, your first year of hosting service is free with these security features.

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