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How Much is Your Peace of Mind?


It was a hectic Monday and everyone is busy burying their heads in piles of deliverable all due within the day – when suddenly a noisy commotion grows in a corner as your employees are starting to break in panic.

“No inbound leads are coming in” cried by an assistant.

Marketers and bosses are in a little hysterical upon knowing that the issue is your server, it failed to load the website and as a result, your website is down and inaccessible.

What to do?

This scenario is probably a common tale among companies who relied on inbound leads. And usually, it is one of the main stressors that one may encounter in running their business.  It is inevitable to get stressed – and the worst part is, getting stressed without good returns.

The one million dollar question here is, “is it worth it for you to get stressed over this kind of issue?”

Our answer is NO.


You can always rely on people and companies who are capable of doing it for you. What you just need to do is to find a reputable partner to do the job at a reasonable cost.

At iManila, we are capable of providing a holistic approach to give you a better online presence. With our newly instituted digital ecosystem, we can cover most of your concerns to strengthen your online presence.


We have 25 dedicated servers working 24/7 with 99.93% uptime – all located in the US and Canada. These servers are well maintained and are fully functional to handle websites with different needs in terms of bandwidth and space allocation.

We don’t just own quality servers. We also employed highly capable technical support specialists available 24/7. They could attend to all of your queries and concerns regarding our hosting servers should you need some help.

Furthermore, we offer web security features and backups to secure your website and all the data in it.


Web Design and Development

We understand the increasing demand for business to have reputable websites as people are starting to move from the traditional brick-and-mortar inquiries to online. With a pool of skilled designers and developers, we are very much capable of producing quality WordPress from the simplest information website to as complex as e-commerce with various functionalities.


Web System and Applications Development

The website is not just the only thing that businesses need these days. The more the technology gets sophisticated the larger the needs of the businesses grow. And with growth comes the demand for enterprise-specific, web-based system that could make the business process easier and achievable.

With our applications team, we can automate manual business processes to help clients achieve their goals – be it through web systems or applications development.


Digital Marketing

Today’s online information age is unstoppable and is accelerating faster than anyone can anticipate. With social media networks and search engines rising as key getaways of the information highway, people will continually shift from offline to online in terms of getting relevant content.

With iManila’s digital marketing services, you can reach your target market with ease and confidence. The key deliverables of our digital marketing services are to make your brand and your business visible to the online community, thereby giving you an avenue to promote your products and services.

With the combination of both organic effort and paid advertising, you can surely interact with your audience in real time. You can even get their sentiments about your business, something that is difficult to obtain through traditional marketing. Furthermore, you can track your online progress through analytics which will surely help you make wise business decisions as you move forward.


Tech Support Services  

We don’t just stop in providing services, we make sure that our clients are satisfied with what we produce. And to make their experience with us better, we also provide technical support services that they can avail, such as maintenance of their computers and mobile devices.



Building a solid brand online doesn’t always have to be stressful. Also, doing business doesn’t have to be too exasperating on your end. It is just a matter of who and when to call for help.

Let iManila give you your peace of mind. Let these things to us so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Call us at (02) 490-0000 or send us an email at for your inquiries regarding our services.


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