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In the Loop: 5 Facebook Business Updates You Need to Know

What started out as a small social networking site connecting  university students in the US, has become one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Today, Facebook has over 2.23 billion monthly active users. In the last few years, businesses have been taking advantage of this by advertising, promoting, and selling their products through Facebook Business Pages. More and more businesses are also migrating their marketing efforts online, as digital marketing is more cost-effective and produces data-driven results. But as with everything else in the World Wide Web, Facebook’s rules are also fast-changing. In order to get the maximum result for your business, you need to catch up with Facebook’s newest and latest updates.

Here are 5 Facebook updates you need to know to help you grow your business online:

  1.    Prioritize Video Content

Video content is the best way to reach a wider audience and increase your page and post engagements. Videos combine auditory and visual senses that’s why it captivates your audience even more. Studies have shown that 90% of the audience remembers the message when it is shown through a video format as compared to when they have only read it. Facebook has also updated the metrics of video content so you can have more detailed audience data. Facebook gives you the data of audience viewers, and it divides the followers and the non-followers. This feature can help you target your audience better, and see the potential audience you have yet to tap.

  1.    Augmented Reality is the future of Ads

Many brands have been taking advantage of the rise of Augmented Reality (AR). This is especially helpful for the beauty and fashion industry, as Facebook now allows them to do AR ads. A perfect example for this is Sephora, which launched their “try – on” feature to  help consumers find the perfect shade suitable for their skin. Using Augmented Reality can hel p improve the user-experience of your audience, and                                        can further help with converting your potential customers into actual users.

  1.    “Keyword Snoozing”

Another Facebook update to watch out is “Keyword Snoozing” feature. Keyword Snoozing will allow users to avoid seeing certain topics on their timeline by “snoozing” the keywords. While this is helpful for avoiding spoilers of your favorite TV show, this might have a negative impact on your business. It’s best that you learn how to adjust your content to these types of updates.

  1.    Cross-posting on IG and IG stories

Tired of switching from one app to another? Facebook has now made it easier for a page admin to cross-post Facebook posts to an Instagram account. This feature is only available to single-image posts. You should also keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram have different principles and style when it comes to content.

  1.    Global Targeting

Facebook is expanding their global reach. If you are targeting multiple countries with your ad, Facebook can now translate your ad text into the local language of the specific country you are targeting.

Facebook is a great tool to market and improve the sales of your business. If you are looking into diving into the digital realm, iManila can help your business grow through fresh ideas and strategic marketing plans.

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