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Month: November 2018

Google Ads: Is it worth your investment?

Google Ads: Is it worth your Investment?

Google has been the #1 go-to search engine of most Internet users that in 2006, the Oxford Dictionary officially included it as a word that refers to any kind of researching done on the Internet, regardless of the search engine you use.

There is no denying that google has the answer to almost all of our questions. With an average search of 3.5 billion per day, and roughly around 1.17 Billion users worldwide, it’s no surprise that many digital marketers see Google as an opportunity to reach more people and drive them towards their brands.

Today, tons of businesses – big and small alike fight for ad space on Google. Why? Because there is a big chance that your click may eventually lead to a sale. And if not, you’ll be able to measure the data to make adjustments to your marketing strategy.

So what makes Google Ads a good investment? Here are 8 reasons!

No business is too big or too small

One of the good things about advertising on Google is that any kind of business can do it. You can be a start-up business or a traditional corporation – you have the freedom to set your ad budgets daily. As long as your content is valuable and relevant to your customers, your ads will be effective.

No minimum investment

With Google Ads, there is less risk compared to other traditional ways of advertising, as it does not ask for a large or fixed amount to spend. It is also much easier to play around with your ad budget, goals, and target market, so you can really maximize the cost per result.

Easier to control and maintain campaigns

With traditional media, there are a lot of processes and hurdles that you have to go through before you can run a campaign. Google Ads on the other hand, can easily be set-up in just a few clicks. Easily access your dashboard, which contains your target market, ad budget, and the actual ad collaterals. Unlike traditional media, you can also make adjustments to your campaigns at any time, if there are metrics that you want to update.

Easy to scale and measure

When it comes to budget-result ratio, as long as an ad is performing at its best, then there is absolutely no reason for you to cap your budget. With Google ads, the more you increase your budget, the better your results will be. This makes Google Ads highly effective for businesses that need a lot of leads but are pressed for time and manpower.

Faster results compared to SEO

Your Google Search Engine Ranking Placement (SERP) is one factor that will make your  website credible. Doing SEO alone can get the job done, but it can take months for you to see valuable results. Thousands of new websites are being published on the World Wide Web, so your SERP has tendencies to change depending on how aggressive your competitors are with their online marketing strategies. By partnering your SEO efforts with Google Search Ads, you can immediately get impressions and clicks to your site.

Stay Connected to Your Target Audience with Remarketing

If you’re a digital marketer, then you know that remarketing is your best friend. When you do remarketing strategies, you target the customers who have previously shown interest in your brand. Google Remarketing Ads can easily track past visitors of your website, and allow you to ‘follow’ them by serving them other ads to encourage them to return.

Better Conversions Compared to Organic Traffic

We love organic traffic any time of the day, but paid ads are almost always better. Conversion rates are said to be 2x higher than organic traffic due to its nature of being more targeted and qualified. However, conversion rates vary from industry to industry. Paid ads may not work for certain businesses but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try

Your competitors are doing it

What are you waiting for? You surely don’t want to be left behind. Competition within certain industries is getting tougher as more businesses are investing in Google Ads. The more competitors there are fighting for certain keywords, the higher the cost per result may be. Try searching about your industry on Google. If you can’t find your business in the top of the page, then it’s time to put your money where it matters.

iManila is a full service digital agency based in Manila. Get a free consultation by sending your digital marketing queries to [email protected].

Growing a business through digital means is not a sprint in which you go all-in for you to reach your goal as fast as possible. You will just end up exhausting yourself and may quickly lose the build-up that you have attained for your business. It is rather a marathon wherein you need to experience the many bumps in the road in order for you to fully reach your business’s potential.

Though digital marketing has a lot of advantages from other type of marketing strategies, it still requires a thorough testing in order for a campaign to be successful. The right images, audience targeting, schedule optimization are just some of the factors that need to be considered in a digital marketing campaign. Same as with marathon, you will probably have an excellent start to your campaign but at some point you will experience what runners call “hitting the wall”. Problems such as the increasing of your CPC (cost-per-click) and decreasing of result acquisitions are just one of those walls that you will face. But worry not! This guide is for every businessman or digital marketer who wants to break through those walls and push themselves towards their goal.


LinkedIn is probably every business’s bread and butter towards their connections and potential partnerships. LinkedIn is crucial for businesses looking to make connections, generate leads, and ultimately, build their brand. It is a platform that can be utilized by business to business (B2B) companies to spread awareness and attain potential partnerships.

  • Utilizing native videos in promoting content write-ups such as blog articles
  • Acknowledge those people who like your posts or commented. The more people with large networks you tag, the bigger your posts will blow up on LinkedIn.
  • Utilize automation tools such as LinkedHelper to ask and collaborate with other professionals about the content you are planning to post.
  • Make your sales team 4X more effective by integrating automation tools in order to increase their connections and create awesome content of the product or service they are offering.
  • Dominate B2B retargeting with LinkedIn dynamic ads


Facebook is considered to be a marketing platform that targets the mass consumer market. Even personal business transactions are possible with Facebook because of its newly-formed “Market place” section. Many retailers are capitalizing on this, and garnering income with just a few clicks and uploads. Here are some more tactics that you can use in order to capitalize this ever-growing digital marketing platform.
  • “Pattern interruption” to get your ads get noticed. This pertains of utilizing new form of ads such as 3D images, canvas type of images, carousel that will make your audience stop from scrolling and potentially engage with it.
  • Using video content/ads that lets you garner 2x engagement more than still ads or text only content.
  • Integrating the 3S (short, succinct, special) on your video content.
  • Utilize a suitable type of content for every ad objective. It was found out that video-type ads cost more than the still images when they are use for lead generation ads.
  • Messenger apps will soon replace email for communication. Start utilizing messenger ads to increase inquiries on Facebook.
  • Provide promos or giveaways to increase message subscribers
  • Use Facebook live during special events and announcements as a way to broadcast your company’s activities and offers.


Google is the world’s leading source of information in today’s digitally adept society. Thus, it is more reasonable for every marketer to invest and know the benefits that Google ads can bring to their business. Here are some tips and hacks that can help you fully utilize Google marketing tool for your business.

  • Utilizing Google Analytics to learn the different digital touch points that a person undergo before acquiring a product or service.
  • Avoid losing ad traffic with the use of remarketing tool (Facebook pixel, Google tracking codes)
  • Avoid losing 40% of your visitors by prioritizing the page load speed of your website that will be use on your online ads.
  • Use WhatRunsWhere as competitive analysis tool to track what display ads your competitors are running.
  • Create conversational videos on YouTube and remarket those audience that you have garnered from your LinkedIn InMailing list.
  • Use long-tail keywords on your SEO campaign.

Digital marketing offers a whole new opportunity for businesses. However, it needs a thorough learning process and experimentation to fully take advantage of its facets. These tips are just the tip of the ice berg of what digital marketing can do. Hence, you need a trusted partner that can assist you in fully developing your digital marketing campaigns. Here at iManila, we provide digital marketing services that aims to reach every businesses’ KPIs. Our team consists of digital natives who are adept with different digital marketing tools and are continuously discovering potential digital marketing strategies.  For inquiries, visit our Contact Us page or get in touch with our team at (02) 490 0000 or (+63) 917 845 6005.

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