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Month: February 2019

web hosting for ecommerce

With the continuous growth and dependence of today’s population in technology, it’s no surprise that eCommerce is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

One of the most essential things for eCommerce businesses to have is a good domain name and a reliable hosting provider, as these will affect your company’s success in the online retail industry and even your marketing strategies later on.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a domain name and hosting provider:


Uniformity is key

To establish credibility and brand recall for your customers, it is suggested for your domain name to be the same as your company name.


Your domain name is an important factor in your search engine rankings. That’s why you should choose a name that contains relevant keywords for your business. For example, if you’re in the pharmacy industry, you may want to include the phrase “pharmacy” in your domain name.

Target your location

The “.com” domain is common used for most websites,  however, you should keep in mind that your domain’s extension can also be targeted towards your preferred market. If you’re a company targeting local consumers, you may want to add country specific extensions such as .ph, .uk, .us and so on.

Make it simple and easy to remember

Similar to choosing a company or brand name, your domain should be short, simple and easy to remember. Avoid using hyphen and numbers in your domain name as this can be confusing for most people.


Server Uptime

Unlike a physical store where you’ll only be open for a certain number of hours a day, your eCommerce website will be operating non-stop. With this, it is important to choose a hosting provider with a high server uptime to keep your website running 24/7.

Page Loading

One important factor that Google takes into account in its algorithm is a page’s loading speed. A page’s lading speed is very important for SEO rankings. A slow loading website can decrease your website’s traffic and often leads to users abandoning your site.

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If you’re someone who follows a lot of brands online, then for sure there are a few brand names that’s caught your attention. Customers like to follow brands who offer lots of discounts and promos online, but oftentimes, others follow brands that have really valuable content.

Branding and content can be really challenging for most brands, but some brands put their best foot forward when it comes to publishing online content. Content is very important if you want to stay relevant and keep your customers engaged. Here are 5 local brands who has their branding and content on point! Let’s see if we can take a few notes from them.

  1. Sunnies Face

One look at Sunnies Face’s Instagram page and you won’t be able to stop scrolling through their feed- the photos are just so good! Check out their IG page, and you’ll see a lot of product photos and user-generated content, which honestly, is the basic ingredient to getting more people interested in purchasing your products. User-generated content makes your brand relatable and authentic as it shows actual testimonials from ordinary people. Partner that with aesthetically pleasing photos and you can just sit back and wait for the sales to come in!

  1. Angkas

Angkas’ branding is the perfect example of treating your brand like another person. Angkas’ online persona your 20-something, fresh out-of-college millennial, and is basically a walking meme. With a hundred thousand followers on Twitter and with almost never less than a thousand engagements in all their posts, you know Angkas has got their branding on lock down. Their content is very engaging; funny and witty, sometimes a bit rude and NSFW, but totally expected from them. The most important thing is that their audience is LOVING it!

  1. Boysen

This brand may be a bit unexpected from our list here but you’ll know why they’re included in this list once you check out their Instagram page. Boysen Philippines’ Instagram feed is GOALS. They’ve got the color blocking done right. It’s simple yet very effective, and it really highlights what they sell. The main takeaway? Sometimes simple and clean sells too.

  1. Oishi

Oishi’s content may be an underrated one but trust us- it’s one that’s worth checking out. Lots of people have been sharing and reposting content from Oishi’s Facebook Page because of their funny (and honestly, kinda weird) content. Theirs is a different kind of content but is still very engaging and one that truly resonates with their audience. If you’re thinking of viral posts? Oishi’s got a few.

  1. Dove 

Here’s a brand that doesn’t need aesthetically pleasing and colorful posts to get their message across. Dove’s social campaigns, especially their women empowerment campaigns, are very notable that one look at their content, you know it’s Dove. It helps a lot if brands focus their marketing towards a specific advocacy. It shows that they aren’t only after sales, but also, they are a brand that wants to contribute something meaningful to society.

There are a lot of key points to note on how to get your branding on point from these brands. Even if they are key players in the digital marketing world, there’s definitely room for more brands, especially more local and new brands, to play along with them. Don’t be scared to define and establish your brand online.

If you are looking for an agency who can help you with branding and online content, iManila is the team for you. You may reach us at [email protected] or call us at (02) 490-000 for inquiries.

Tech Support

In a day and age where most companies rely on the internet, computers and other digital platforms, there is without a doubt a rising demand for a tech support team.

As we grow to be more dependent with technology, it has also become a tedious task to keep track of security and maintain the performance of some of our devices. From upgrading systems to keeping our files secure, these are things that most individuals, and even bigger corporations tend to overlook. That is why people opt to turn to professionals who can get tedious tasks off of their hands.

Technical Support, as some may deem redundant or unnecessary, is actually a vital department to have especially for companies who rely on technology heavily.  However, technical support requires intensive product knowledge and a special skill set. Thus, it can be challenging and expensive for companies to set-up their own technical support team.

To save you from the hassle of hiring, monitoring and maintaining a team of tech support specialists, it is best to outsource it to companies who specializes in this service. Here’s why:


Getting a reliable and industry-trusted tech support company saves you from the hassle of setting up a team with responsibilities you have limited knowledge. By outsourcing, you can expect that the tech support provider can assess, address and immediately repair tech issues that your company is experiencing.

Professional Assistance

As industry experts, you can rely on your tech support provider to deliver professional assistance and efficient solutions to technical issues within your company.


While this may not be commonly advertised, working with an outsourced technical support team can familiarize you with tech issues that you most often overlook. They should be able to provide you with basic and simple solutions that you can resolve internally or via phone conversations before calling for on-site service.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Hiring an outsourced tech support team does not just address your day to day tech needs, as it can lead to successful partnerships that can help you continuously innovate your company.

Getting a tech support team relies greatly on who you choose to partner with.

For an expert, professional and industry-tested tech support company, check us at www.iManila.ph.

As one of the leading digital companies in the Philippines, iManila provides tech support services specially designed to cater to your company’s needs. We also offer 24/7 customer support for fast, timely, and reliable assistance to our clients.

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