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Month: May 2019

5 industries that will benefit from digital marketing

Digital Marketing has changed the game for brands especially when it comes to building awareness and brand recall with their target audience. Likewise, the competition in the digital age for valuable and relevant content to achieve high engagement rate has been high and rough. That’s why, when the competition is this high, we turn to numbers to determine the effectivity of digital marketing campaigns.

Only a few brands can nail the trifecta of digital marketing that is consistent quality content, high engagement rate, and great ROI. Here are 5 industries that are acing their digital marketing game with great ROIs

Food and Fitness

The #1 motto of the food and fitness industry is probably “Real People, Real Results”. Nothing screams quality and credibility like customer testimonials and reviews, which the Food and Fitness industry is very good at. More and more restaurants, meal plan brands, fitness brands are turning to digital to show how great their products and services are. And content creation comes almost too easy for them as their customers are too most likely to do about 50% of the job for them- through user-generated content.


More and more traditional companies are turning to digital marketing to gain more clients. One perfect example is the legal industry. Aside from attracting more clients online through digital campaigns, some legal firms have also turned to e-commerce for faster delivery of their services. Simply drafted documents like Affidavits, Leases, and Contracts can now be “ordered” online. Exciting times indeed!


A lot of big retail companies are closing their physical stores and have started to migrate to e-commerce. E-commerce brands are increasing rapidly and every day they are adding more value to their brands. Especially with the rise of content creators like Instagram Influencers and Youtubers, the retail industry has become more aggressive with their digital marketing efforts. Most retail brands will team up with famous and established online personalities with a big following. E-commerce retail brands have managed to combine affordability with fast fashion, along with the convenience of e-commerce shopping and more and more people are getting on board every day.


Just like the legal industry, other traditional companies in the healthcare industries have also started to venture into digital. According to a Deloitte study, 52% of consumers search for information online for treatment options for their health concerns. (www.medium.com) Whether it’s individual practitioners or healthcare companies, you can easily find them online.

Media and Entertainment

One of the biggest shifts from traditional to digital is the Media Entertainment industry. In TV for example, more consumers are subscribing to streaming services instead getting cable TV. When you go online, you’ll immediately see tons of ads- whether it’s about selling and promoting a product or service, a movie, a person, and more. Media practitioners are starting to realise the power of online advertising, with its various advantages from being cheaper than traditional advertising, higher audience reach, and measurable results and insights that they can access anytime.  

Shifting to digital can be tricky especially if you don’t have the right people to do it for you. iManila can help you achieve your goals with valuable and relevant digital marketing strategies. Call us at (02) 4900000 or email us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help you.

user-friendly website

In today’s digital age, many businesses are widely investing in digital assets. Most big brands nowadays are on Facebook, YouTube and a variety of other digital platforms where they can promote awareness and boost lead generation. In this day and age, having a website is a must-have not only to maximize online presence but also as a means to direct clients to a central location online where all users can see everything about your brand and product.

Your website not only serves as the landing page for all of your potential clients’ searches, but it also receives traffic from your followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But, your online efforts shouldn’t just end after you’ve built your website. Having a website is also about maintaining it, keeping it updated and user-friendly, and making sure that it converts revenue and adds value to your business.

Below are three factors you can take note of, to ensure that your website is doing its job of being your 24/7 online ambassador:


One of the important, if not, the most important thing for a website to have is proper usability and functionality. This pertains to the links and buttons inside the website. Keep in mind that all website functions must be clickable and must always lead users to the right information of what they want to see and know.

According to HubSpot.com, 75% of website visitors prefer to find the most important information immediately within the main landing page of a website. If you construct your website in a manner that your visitors can easily identify what they need, such as your contact details, or an inquiry form, then you can rest easy knowing that the right customers can find you anytime.


Keep in mind that website visitors always consider a website’s layout. Users are able to immediately identify a company’s legitimacy and modernity with just one look at their website. A company who may have not invested in a website since their time of establishment may be deemed as a fake business due to their lack of presence online. At the same time, a company that has an old website may lose customers to a similar company who sells the same products just by the way their products are presented and in the way the entire company is presented online.


Lastly, successful websites are always customer-oriented at its core. If your business is targeting millennials or fashionistas, make sure that your website has a sleek look that will entice users to buy your products. Always take note to combine the right colors and call-to-action buttons in order to lure them to buy or inquire. As for B2B businesses targeting professionals, create an informative and professional looking website that will let visitors know that they are dealing with a highly professional company.

In summary, having a website is one of the most essential things that a business can invest in. Considering the factors above can either make or break the success of your online business or your business’ reputation in the digital world. If you need any help in creating a website for your business, talk to us! Our website developers are adept and very intuitive when it comes to website creation. If you’re looking for an agency that can cater your web development and digital marketing needs, contact us at (+632) 490-0000 or leave us a message at imanila.ph/lets-talk/.

Facebook Launches Own Dating Feature Plus New Exciting Add Ons

In the recent F8 2019, Facebook’s 10th Annual Development Conference held last April 30 – May 1, 2019, at San Jose, California, the social media giant has launched its own dating feature. Does this mean Facebook is going full blown Tinder? Technically, not.

The reason behind this latest feature called Secret Crush is the idea brought about by the feedbacks received by Facebook. A number of users see the potential of developing a romantic relationship within their extended circle of friends.

Here’s how it works: You can select up to 9 of your Facebook friends that you are interested with. If your Secret Crush is also into Facebook Dating, they will receive a notification that someone within their pool of friends has assigned them as their secret crush. For instance, your secret crush also added you on their Secret Crush list, the Facebook Dating feature will automatically set-up a match. So what is the difference among other dating apps in the market? Security – your crush will never know or find out if you have a secret crush on him or her if they are not using the feature or if they do not create a list.

So, is that all?

Nope. The good news for social media marketers is that the Facebook Dating feature is just one of the recent updates of the world’s top social media app. The recent announcements do not necessarily focus on dating, in fact, they have also launched various updates that will actually improve user experience and intensify market reach through social media.

Image courtesy of FACEBOOOK

The FB5

Facebook will be launching the new design for the desktop version of their site called the FB5. In the next few months, we may expect a simpler yet sleeker desktop view of our favorite social media site. This also highlights Groups and gives a greater focus on events and stories. This is the perfect opportunity for you to actually explore the chances of reaching out to your target market in a more specific way by creating Group pages apart from your business page. Since the new design creates a more substantial approach on suggesting groups to users, this update can be of great use.

Messenger Updates

The social media site now allows you to create automated tailored experiences that can actually connect your target market with the right person or content for them. There are also new lead generation templates that you can choose from for Messenger ads in which will still be done through Ads Manager. This is essential on building an easier connection among products, brands, influencers and their end users. Although this feature is still under observation, you may want to watch out for the availability soon.

Instagram Updates

Facebook is also stepping up their e-commerce game through Instagram. They have put a new feature called “Shop from Creators” which allow Instagram users to find, select, and purchase products directly through the app itself! With this, users can easily shop their favorite influencer’s look right on the app thus eliminating the hassle of taking a photo and manually browsing different websites to shop an inspired look from Instagram. This feature is currently ongoing testing for a small group of influencers and is expected to be available for the whole Instagram community soon. 

Some other new features like shipping through marketplace and Portal Device Expansion are only available in continental U.S.

As Facebook continues to develop and enhance its capabilities on selling brands online, can your business keep up? Take advantage of these updates and make sure that you are reaching your social media market! Let iManila help you in improving your social media presence! Call us at (02) 490 0000 or email us at [email protected]! Let’s talk!

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