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5 industries that will benefit from digital marketing

5 Industries that Get the Most Out of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed the game for brands especially when it comes to building awareness and brand recall with their target audience. Likewise, the competition in the digital age for valuable and relevant content to achieve high engagement rate has been high and rough. That’s why, when the competition is this high, we turn to numbers to determine the effectivity of digital marketing campaigns.

Only a few brands can nail the trifecta of digital marketing that is consistent quality content, high engagement rate, and great ROI. Here are 5 industries that are acing their digital marketing game with great ROIs

Food and Fitness

The #1 motto of the food and fitness industry is probably “Real People, Real Results”. Nothing screams quality and credibility like customer testimonials and reviews, which the Food and Fitness industry is very good at. More and more restaurants, meal plan brands, fitness brands are turning to digital to show how great their products and services are. And content creation comes almost too easy for them as their customers are too most likely to do about 50% of the job for them- through user-generated content.


More and more traditional companies are turning to digital marketing to gain more clients. One perfect example is the legal industry. Aside from attracting more clients online through digital campaigns, some legal firms have also turned to e-commerce for faster delivery of their services. Simply drafted documents like Affidavits, Leases, and Contracts can now be “ordered” online. Exciting times indeed!


A lot of big retail companies are closing their physical stores and have started to migrate to e-commerce. E-commerce brands are increasing rapidly and every day they are adding more value to their brands. Especially with the rise of content creators like Instagram Influencers and Youtubers, the retail industry has become more aggressive with their digital marketing efforts. Most retail brands will team up with famous and established online personalities with a big following. E-commerce retail brands have managed to combine affordability with fast fashion, along with the convenience of e-commerce shopping and more and more people are getting on board every day.


Just like the legal industry, other traditional companies in the healthcare industries have also started to venture into digital. According to a Deloitte study, 52% of consumers search for information online for treatment options for their health concerns. ( Whether it’s individual practitioners or healthcare companies, you can easily find them online.

Media and Entertainment

One of the biggest shifts from traditional to digital is the Media Entertainment industry. In TV for example, more consumers are subscribing to streaming services instead getting cable TV. When you go online, you’ll immediately see tons of ads- whether it’s about selling and promoting a product or service, a movie, a person, and more. Media practitioners are starting to realise the power of online advertising, with its various advantages from being cheaper than traditional advertising, higher audience reach, and measurable results and insights that they can access anytime.  

Shifting to digital can be tricky especially if you don’t have the right people to do it for you. iManila can help you achieve your goals with valuable and relevant digital marketing strategies. Call us at (02) 4900000 or email us at and let us know how we can help you.

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