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Month: July 2019

things you need before starting a website

Gone are the days when businesses can only rely on traditional marketing platforms such as flyers, TV and newspaper ads, directory listings, and billboard placements to promote their brand. With the continuous rise of online users all over the world, it is indeed much easier (and more affordable) for brands and companies to create brand awareness and reach new audiences with various online and social media platforms that we have today.

Among the first few things that your brand should have in today’s digital age is a website. As the primary source of information for your company online, having a website is now a must for businesses regardless if they’re an SME or a big corporation. Not only does a website establish your brand’s credibility, but it also is the center of your online marketing strategies to help your business grow.

If you are hoping to build one for yourself, let us walk you through some of the basic things that you need to start a website:

A Domain Name

It is a staple for every website to have its own URL/Web address. It is important for a website to have its domain for the visitors to easily access their website through the internet.

While it is very common for businesses to have domain names that are the same as their business names (such as walmart.com), you can pick a domain name to include any text phrase you want as long as it is not already taken. You must take note, however, that your domain should be relevant to your business. It is the first touchpoint of your visitors towards your website, so make sure it is directly related to your business.

A domain name typically costs around PHP 600.00 to PHP 1,600.00 with a recurring/renewal fee every year. Make sure that your domain has not yet been purchased and is still available for use. You can use iManila’s free domain checker on our home page!

Solid Content & Information

Now this defines the full look of your website – inserting content and images. It’s important to remember that a business website is ultimately just a framework. It isn’t finished until you’ve populated it with content and information.

You must organize all of the things that should be put on each of your web pages. These contents serve as important factors for search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl and mark your website credible. Putting all the necessary content on your website requires a lot of time. We suggest creating your own sitemap first in order to have a clear plan before establishing a website.

Web designer and developer

After deciding on your domain name or even purchasing one as well as gathering the content and information that you want to be featured, the next thing that you will need is a company that can help you build your business site. iManila is one of the leading web development companies in the Philippines! We specialize in creating various websites for different business across all verticals – whether it’s an informative or an eCommerce site!

Establishing your own business website is as important as having your own physical store. It helps create your own identity and showcase your brand online. If you are looking to have your own website, then you have come to the right place!

As one of the country’s top digital marketing and web development agencies, iManila is trusted by many companies in creating credible and professionally designed websites to stand out in today’s online world.

For more information, contact us at (02) 490 0000 or leave us a message at https://imanila.ph/lets-talk/.

online ads

Why Online Ads are the New Titan

We’re so used to seeing an advertisement that runs down the lengths of buildings along the most traversed roads in the Metro. Enormous billboards and even LED walls towering over us in all their titan glory.

But sometimes, titans lose their strength. After all, nothing is forever.

No one can deny that these billboards eat up the attention of anyone who lay eyes on their monstrosity. But billboards are only as good as the next one.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

But the Internet is predominant, which only makes it a perfect avenue for advertisement.

Online advertising is the fastest growing marketing channel which uses the world wide web to deliver promotional messages in various digital formats. These formats range from search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile advertising, and display advertising.

We’ve outlined all of the reasons why online advertising should be part of your marketing campaign:


Online ads let you customize your target audience. In this day and age when everyone is always online, you can easily target your customers wherever they are. With online ads, you can also “filter” out your reach based on your preference. This is an assurance that your products and services are getting to the right audience who have a higher chance of buying your products or availing of your services. Closing a sale? You can bet on it.


Marketing online is generally much cheaper than traditional advertising approaches. With online ads, you can reach as much engagement as your budget allows you. Online marketing platforms enable you to calibrate your ad according to your audience targeting and budget so you can be assured that your campaign is always maximized. This gives you an initial overview of how many people you can “reach” with your ad, giving you an idea of how much you can expect to turn into leads.


The Internet is a huge place. And at present, more and more people are spending a considerable amount of time on it. From SMEs to large enterprises, everyone’s expanding their reach and creating brand awareness through various online marketing platforms. Just look at the number of online retail stores who’ve successfully built their businesses from their social media channels alone.


Among the many advantages of digital marketing, is its ability to directly connect and let you communicate with your target audience.  With TV, radio, newspaper, and billboards, one can just merely see and grasp your message but cannot respond to it right away – a situation that online advertisement has managed to solve. The Web is such an interactive space. Information and ideas can get passed on in a matter of minutes regardless of distance or time zones.

Utilizing the vast amount of Internet users and the time all these people spend online is what a lot of marketers today are aiming to do as part of their individual marketing strategies.

The Internet is universal. Use it to your business’ advantage.

Interested to advertise your brand online? Let iManila help you! From social media marketing, email marketing to Google campaigns, we’ve got it covered! Call us at (02) 490 0000 or email us at [email protected] for more information!

See you online!

content marketing for your business

“Why aren’t you talking about my product?!”

It can be perplexing as to how talking about other things other than your product can help your business and it can make you wonder if it is really effective. Content marketing, in simpler terms, is story-telling. You deliver relevant and valuable content for your customers and prospective clients to help them solve their issues or answer their questions instead of using hard-sell tactics to promote your products or services.

Content marketing, perhaps, is one of the most effective ways to reach and generate quality leads and customers. Here’s how:

Help Build Brand Awareness to Your Target Audience

Let’s be honest. Some of your target markets may not know about your brand. But by providing quality and engaging content that answers to their needs, you won’t only drive relevant and targeted traffic to your site but will also get the visitors to stick around longer.

This will help your site rank higher on search engine results page, making it easier for people to visit your page to find out how your brand can help them answer their query. Relevant content can engage these leads to help build brand awareness to people that are more likely to be interested in your products.

Connect with your Audience

The more you publish quality content that educates and has quality value to your market, the more they will trust your products and services. Helping them in their challenges and inquiries that are appropriate to your brand creates stronger customer relationship. It helps you build credibility and rapport by showing them that you know your industry very well and that they can trust your services.

Help Build Customer Loyalty

Once you have built a relationship with your customers by making them feel that your brand cares about them, their purchasing decision will most likely lean towards your product compared to your competitors. When they see that you have useful and valuable content, they will follow your brand on whatever platform it is.


When content is really good, visitors will share it with their colleagues. Increasing your visibility online without having to pay for ads! Content marketing costs less than outbound marketing but it can generate up to more than 3 times the lead when done the right way.

Content marketing, in a nutshell, helps your business grow by reaching customers that are more likely to be loyal to your brand to help increase your sales without spending so much.

If you’re looking for an agency that can help you create relevant and consistent content for your brand, reach out to our team at iManila! Call us today at (02) 490 0000 or email us at [email protected]!


As the company’s trailblazers, the marketing team is expected to take the lead in making sure that their company’s branding is consistently represented for both offline and online materials alike. 

With the continuous growth of digital marketing, more companies are indeed taking more time in making sure that they are well represented online, most especially through their website.

If you’re looking into building or redesigning your website, it is possible that you may be lost with the all the terms that web designers and web developers use that you may not be familiar with. 

Be ready to take the lead and make your next web design meeting more productive by familiarizing yourself with these common web design terms:

ALT tag 

The ALT tag/text or Alternative tag/text displays in the image placeholder while the page is loading. It also helps in optimizing your website for ADA compliance, SEO ranking, and web accessibility. 

Call to Action (CTA)

A specific image, banner or button, CTAs are designed to guide your website’s visitor for a desired or expected course of action (e.g. Download Now, Contact Us, Learn More, etc.).


An essential component when creating a website, your domain is the “address” where people go to visit your website (i.e. ABC.com).


This refers to where you “house”, serve and maintain your website. A web server is a computer running web software that allows and connects your website or web page on the internet. 

Meta Tag

An important aspect of SEO ranking, a meta tag stores information about a specific page on your website such as its description. This information is then used by search engines for indexing to help categorize and rank your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).


This refers to software apps that are “plugin” in your Content Management Software (CMS) such as WordPress, to enable added features to your website.

Responsive Design

Probably one of the most important things to take note of when building a website, responsive design refers to your site’s ability to adjust to different screen types from desktop, tablet or mobile phones. 

Site Map

The first step in designing a website, a site map acts as the “blueprint” of your website. From its pages and content, it is important to iron it out in your site map to have a seamless website design process. 

SSL (Security Sockets Layer)

With privacy a major concern in the digital age, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that establishes encrypted communication between a browser and a website. Make sure that your website is equipped with an SSL certificate (a website equipped with an SSL certificate has a lock symbol appearing before the URL) to keep your website’s information secure at all times. 

User Experience (UX)

UX (User Experience) is the discipline of seamlessly optimizing your website’s content, design tools and techniques to help your website visitors in easily navigating your website. This covers all aspects in creating your website from copywriting, design and even your website’s screen loading time. 

Need a hand in creating or redesigning your website? Let our team at iManila help you!

Contact us today at (02) 490 0000 or email us at [email protected]

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