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iManila has earned its Google Search Specialization!

Last March 2019, iManila officially became a Google Partner. As a Google Partner, it not only allowed us to step up in our skills and expertise in running paid ads, but it has also pushed us to go for new milestones. With this, we’re happy to announce that just last month, we earned our Google Search Specialization!

This specialization comes at the right time for us as we continue to prove that as a digital agency, we’re well trained and equipped to help our clients become visible and relevant on the Google Search Network.

How can this benefit your company?

By partnering with a certified Google Partner agency like iManila who specializes in Google Search, you’re assured that the people working with you are experts in the field and can effectively run well-crafted Search Ads campaigns.

iManila is committed to continuously innovating and improving the digital marketing skills and expertise needed to help our clients reach their goals. This badge is just one of the many testimonies to that commitment.

If you’re looking for an agency to help you manage and run data-driven Google Ad campaigns, get in touch with us! Drop us an email at [email protected] or call us at +632 490 0000.

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