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Month: February 2020

influencer marketing

The Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing

A big part of marketing is always about reaching and connecting with customers in new and innovative ways.

Influencer marketing has now become one of those well-known strategies that brands can use to meet and engage with their customers. With the advent of social media, more brands have chosen to incorporate influencers as part of their strategy, with 71% of marketers feeling that influencer marketing being the most effective way to drive quality traffic and leads.

However, some experts argue that it is on a decline. Just like any strategy, there are always two sides to it and before shelling out money to invest in influencer marketing, it is important to know both sides.


Getting your brand out there is one thing, and it’s another to get customers to trust a brand. It takes time to develop and one handy thing with influencers is that those who follow them trust what they have to say. If an influencer talks positively about the brand, their followers are more likely to believe them. This can help boost and enhance your brand’s credibility.

Another pro is that you can reach a wider audience you may not have reached on your own. In 2016, a survey was made that showed that 45% of women will buy a product that is recommended by an influencer. Followers of the influencer trust and value their opinions and can influence their buying decisions.

Should you target micro-influencers, then a high budget isn’t needed. Collaborations with micro-influencers are more economical compared to getting those from celebrity influencers. Getting new influencers works too as they sometimes agree to work for free products or services. Micro-influencers can prove to be cheaper than to spend on a sponsored Instagram post. If your business is a newly launched brand or something in a specific niche, then micro-influencers can come in handy.


While it may cut the work to be done getting the right influencer, it often takes a lot of time and effort to find the right influencer for your campaigns. A survey shows that 61% of marketers find it hard to identify the right influencers for their campaigns. A huge part of this is evaluating if an influencer has genuine followers. Working with the wrong influencers can cause great damage to the reputation of the brand, which can be harder to damage if your reputation becomes tarnished.

Because influencer marketing has only become a thing in recent years, there’s no true “tried and tested” method when it comes down to it. Most brands just learn from their hits and misses. There are a lot of common mistakes influencers have made which can negatively affect the brand such as: not disclosing a sponsored post, posting content that doesn’t resonate with their target audience, ignoring endorsement guidelines, and inflating followings and engagements using bots.

While it may cost you less, it is often more difficult to measure results. Part of marketing is always being able to analyze performance and see if it can deliver the desired results. If it does not, then you should stop working with them. Unlike ad posts which come with its analytics, measuring results for influencer marketing isn’t as clear cut.

Lastly, there is always a high risk involved in influencer marketing. Despite a lot of companies increasing their influencer marketing budget in 2019, this doesn’t often translate into the desired results. Should the influencer fail to deliver on what was promised with their content and fail to connect with the target customers, then the time and money spent will be for naught.


While influencer marketing has been a hot topic lately as a part of the many methods you can market your brand digitally, marketing your brand is still better as it is the more reliable method.

The risk isn’t as high, and you can be assured of the measurable results. In a way, every peso you spend can be translated to a result. There are still numerous ways to reach out to your customers through digital marketing depending on your goal or what strategy you want to use.

If the idea of marketing the brand yourself is scary, as you’d prefer the thought of someone else doing the marketing for you, maybe finding the right partner agency is the way to go. Agencies have experiences with many brands and industries and can best help your brand in connecting with customers. Let a Google Partner agency like iManila help you get your brand where you want it to go. Drop us a message to learn more at https://imanila.ph/lets-talk/. #iManila #DigitalAgency

hosting provider

A lot of businesses have turned to digital when it comes to selling their products. Nowadays, a physical store goes hand in hand with an online store as well. This is because online selling has made it quick and convenient for customers to access and purchase any product they like.

As the demand for product availability in the digital world increases, the demand for a reliable hosting provider increases as well. This is probably where some marketing executives fall short as they have limited understanding of the parameters and limitations of their hosting provider, which as it goes on, might eventually lead to a digital disaster.

So to make it simpler to understand here’s some points on why it’s important to have a reliable hosting provider:

Your Hosting Server is the Primary Business Data Depository

Think of it as the main building of your business wherein you house all your files, documents, and the content of your website. Whatever happens to your server will also happen to your website and web applications such as your in-house CRM and ERP, should you have any.

Your Hosting Server Capacity Dictates Your Website

One of the most important aspects of a hosting server is its capacity. Your server capacity must be able to carry all of your website’s content. It’s also very crucial as it will dictate the speed and performance of your website. Interactive websites and web systems usually require bigger bandwidth. This is especially true for brands that have graphics and content-heavy websites.

The Security of your Hosting says a lot about your data’s longevity

With digital, the real treasure lies in data. Whatever you’ve posted online about your business, combined with the database gathered from interaction amongst potential clients such as the lead list, mailing list, etc. are the business’ assets and should definitely be protected at all costs.

Finding a hosting provider who can give you security options to keep your peace of mind is a step that your company needs to take.

Hosting Servers are the life and core of online marketing. One mistake caused by an unreliable hosting provider will lead to immense headaches for business operations.

iManila is a trusted provider of both reliable hosting services and technical support services. Our lines are open 24/7 and our sales executives are available Monday to Friday to assist you with your web, IT, and digital marketing needs!

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jollibee valentines series

Just in time for the love month, fast-food giant Jollibee is back again to capture the hearts of many Filipinos with their “Kwentong Jollibee Valentines” series.

This much-awaited Valentine’s day treat from Jollibee received a massive following a few years back with its local and relatable stories.

While their past videos focused on the traditional story of finding that “one true love”, this year’s series took a modern twist and delved into the struggles of modern relationships and how we can keep the love alive.

The first video, Space, directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is a very witty yet still relatable story of Dan, a guy dealing with his breakup after his girlfriend asked for “space”, a common issue most young couples are faced with today.

This was followed by Couple Goals directed by Ianco Dela Cruz that takes a look into the modern-day struggles of a young, busy, successful couple together who their friends often refer to as #CoupleGoals.

Lastly, Apart directed by Pepe Diokno is a story about exes Miles and Ron and what they think contributed to their lost love.

As digital marketers, here’s what we can learn from Jollibee’s Valentine Series:

  • Keep content fresh and relatable

Following their past videos, people are expecting Jollibee to continue banking on feel-good stories for Valentine’s Day. While this may be an easy choice, Jollibee surprised their audience once again by showing the struggles of modern-day relationships for this year’s series, making it more enticing and relatable for their millennial audiences.

  • Build Momentum

As one of the biggest Filipino brands today, Jollibee knows how to attract and keep its audience asking for more. True enough, Jollibee built excitement by releasing a teaser for this year’s series as early as January 31. In fact, the teaser video became viral and to date has 3.4 million views on their Facebook page. The company has also rolled out the videos on separate days releasing individual teasers for each story, which helped make sure that their fans are continuously engaged and captivated by their short stories.

As they say, “content is king”. This is something that we have seen from Jollibee and should learn from them to build a brand that is timeless, trusted and relevant.

Need help in curating content for your brand? Get in touch with us, here at iManila!

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facebook updates 2020

What is up with Facebook in 2020?

The last 31 days of January 2020 has been heavily problematic for people around the world. With all the natural backlashes, war threats and virus outbreaks that claimed thousands of lives, it’s getting harder and harder for people to cope with every day. This may not be a lot to offer, but for Facebook, it’s a way to help people recover and re-connect. For businesses and brands, exciting and highly beneficial updates are on its way this 2020.

Home to around 2.2 billion users, Facebook, who also owns popular platforms Messenger and Instagram is no stranger to constant updates the way we’ve watched them implement changes in the past year. As marketers, it’s absolutely critical that we keep track and stay on top of these trends to stay relevant and to keep our audiences engaged.

  1. Lead Generation Tools in Messenger

This tool is out there but has been in beta-testing for quite some time. For businesses, your ads can now be clicked through and lead you to Messenger for faster inquiries and transactions. Messenger will simplify customers’ answers with automated questions in a direct, conversational way that brands can quickly jump into to continue the conversation and complete the conversion process. This will allow businesses to integrate their CRM provider to continue the conversation and track leads.

  1. Subscription Messaging Beta Update

The use of Subscription Messaging allows the brand to send non-promotional updates on a scheduled basis but unfortunately does not include advertisements, promotional content, solicitations, etc. On the new platform, Facebook’s Subscription Messaging is a big chance for businesses to send messages and provide their audiences with timely updates and information. This will help businesses to improve brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites which can lead to increased sales. This is a great way to promote your business on a more personal level compared to just having them be displayed in news feeds.

  1. Discover Tab Phase-Out

Launched just two years ago, Facebook has recently announced that they will be removing Messenger’s Discover Tab. This is in line with Messenger’s continuous overhaul which aims to simplify and declutter the app to focus on its core function – to connect people.

  1. Calibra

One of the major Facebook updates that will happen in 2020 is the launch of Calibra. A Facebook subsidiary, Calibra was designed to provide financial services under the digital wallet for the Libra network, a global cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology. This digital wallet is expected to be made available in Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp platforms, on top of its own app.

  1. New Navigation and Management Tools in Business Manager

This Facebook change is much more convenient in terms of improvements to Ads Manager and Business Manager that allow brands to build ads, manage Facebook assets and permission in an easier and faster way. This is useful for business owners who manage their business pages.

  1. Simplified Feed Formats

Because of the new Facebook design, primary text from seven are shorten to three lines for visibility and then prompted to click to view the entire text or post. Another major change is in terms of the aspect ratio of photos and videos from 2:3 to 4:5. These changes help to show more content in a span of one scroll.

  1. Refined Targeting Options

This year, privacy has been given attention as Facebook will trim down targeting ads to users in terms of demographics and buying behavior. This is part of an effort to lessen the pop-ups of third-party companies as it was known to track online behaviors outside of Facebook. It is great for individual privacy but a hassle for businesses that advertise on social media. To clear the confusion, Facebook will still target people based on their jobs and life events listed in user’s profiles as well as interaction on pages and posts.

  1. New Insights and eLearning Courses

Most businesses need a lot of improvement in terms of selling their brands to increase brand awareness and profitability. That’s why Facebook introduced free online courses for businesses to learn new marketing skills in presenting their brands. This is a great opportunity for marketers to learn how their consumers behave in order to help them grow their business.

Intimated by all these upcoming changes? Don’t fret! Having the right agency partner can help you navigate through this ever-changing digital landscape! Here at iManila, we believe in offering digital marketing services that will help you grow your business. Learn more about how we can help you here at https://imanila.ph/lets-talk/ or drop us an email at [email protected]. #iManila #DigitalAgency

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