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How Do People View Websites?

A big part of doing business online has to do with having websites where your customers can reach you and find more about what you are offering. A functional website is a must but have you ever thought about what draws the eyes of people viewing websites? How about which pattern people scan websites in? 

Studies have shown that people most often follow the “F Pattern” in scanning a website, meaning that the further they scroll down, the more they lose their focus and start to scan instead of paying attention. This means that it is vital to place important information in the top part of your site. 

It is important to understand how people view websites, to get the most out of the customer experience your website will be giving them. Here are some important behaviors people do when viewing websites. 


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From the top left corner 

The “F Pattern” comes in handy here as it applies to almost any website. This is because this is how we are trained to search for data and information. You can take advantage of this by putting the most important messages in that area and make your value proposition very clear from the start. 

Smarter use of pictures 

As much as a great photo can add to the aesthetic and design of the site, most people will just scan them. Getting a good point across is still better through text, rather than image.

But if you are to use photos especially on your landing page, a big and bold one seals the deal. It can grab the attention of your viewer and this can be further aided by including a concrete call to action next to it. 

Importance of headings

Once people start to scroll down, the higher the chances that they will be scanning or skimming through the site. The best way to take advantage of this is to make use of headings to summarize important points. Once the viewers find something related to their problem or what they’re looking for – only then will they dig deeper. The more descriptive the headings are, the better as it can also help in search engine optimization later. 

Skip the fancy fonts 

As much as they might be cool or fancy, new fonts are often hard for people to process and it might work against you by losing the attention of your viewers. 

Keep it short 

Attention spans of viewers are short, and nobody would want to read through a wall of text. Get straight to the point and keep it as short and concise as possible without losing the tone of your brand. 

In a similar fashion, should you need to show lots of features or descriptions, lists are a better choice than long paragraphs. This makes it easier for website visitors to skim and search for what they are looking for. 

Instead of putting a lot of text, pay attention to the importance of white space or spaces with no text or pictures to keep websites less cluttered and less intimidating to look at. 

Menus and buttons get attention

These are the calls to action that lead website visitors to find solutions to their problems. Website visitors pay extra attention to these as they want to see what the options are. Make sure they are labeled accordingly and straight to the point. 

Ads placed on the top or left get the most views 

The reality is a lot of people would not scroll to the bottom of the website. If ad impressions or clicks matter to you, it is important that they are optimized so that they can be integrated more seamlessly in the “viewing pattern” of visitors to ensure that they are seen. 

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