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coronavirus tracking website

17-year-old High Schooler Built a Coronavirus-tracking Website

Did you know that one of the most visited corona virus-tracking websites was created by a teenager?

17-year old Avi Schiffmann, of Washington State, developed ncov2019, an informative website that updates COVID-19 statistics from all over the world.

Avi Schiffmann

Avi Schiffmann (Photo from: www.instagram.com/avischiffmann/)

The website collects and regularly updates coronavirus statistics per country, including a tally on deaths, recoveries, active cases, and tests made, from data scraped from WHO, CDC, and other government websites. It also features a map with a breakdown of cases, basic information about the virus, and a survival rate calculator.

rate calculator

Photo: https://ncov2019.live/map

With the website’s popularity, daily website traffic is now estimated at 30 million visitors from all around the world per day, so it is no surprise that Schiffmann has received offers from advertisers. However, Schiffmann decided to decline advertising offers for now, as he did not want ad pop-ups to ruin the website’s UI, which would probably happen once he monetizes the website. Additionally, he is also aware that most of his website visitors from different parts of the world do not have fast internet, so adding ads and trackers will make the website slower and probably unusable for them.

With this impressive development, the future is looking bright for Schiffmann. He has already received job offers, including one from Microsoft, but has yet to accept one, as he is focused into developing his own projects as of now.

With Schiffmann’s ncov2019 development, and the good it did to inform and educate people, we can’t wait to see his projects in the future.

To know more about Avi Schiffmann, visit ncov2019, or follow him on Instagram and Twitter @AviSchiffmann. You can also share your appreciation to his project and buy him a coffee here.

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