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Why You Should Plan Your Christmas Campaigns Now

For a lot of people, Christmas is an exciting time filled with holiday cheer! But for businesses, what this means is an opportunity to take advantage of an increase in consumer spending. With the right marketing strategy, Christmas is just about the perfect time to hop on the holiday hype train to help boost your business’ sales!

In order to have a great campaign, every marketer needs two things: opportunity and strategy. Christmas alone is a great season of opportunity for businesses to meet the needs of their shoppers. How you can properly capitalize on this opportunity is if it is paired with the right strategy. Waiting for customers to come knocking at your door will not be a sufficient holiday marketing plan. The right strategy can help you cut across the noise of the holiday shopping sphere and reach your customers. It is important to keep in mind that the effects of COVID-19 include a shift in the usual consumer buying patterns. Learning how to unlock this with the right strategy is invaluable. With that, here is a quick guide to get you started on your Christmas campaigns and why it’s never too late. 

Think in terms of the customer 

The biggest question is figuring out what to sell, and if it is something customers will like. The key here is to think in terms of the customer. Find out what customers usually need, and in particular, how your target market would react to the upcoming holidays. Once you figure this out, this is when you can look to other competitors for inspiration and check out current trends in marketing to see what clicks with customers. Combining what you know here can then help you form what offering you can give them. 

Urgency is the best medicine 

Customers are aware of time constraints and this is something you can help them with by giving them a sense of urgency in making that conversion. What you can do is to give customers a definite date for the end of the offer or promotion. It’s always a good idea to bundle some of your products together or offer one or the other for free or at a discounted price for a limited time. This makes your offer irresistible and it gives your consumers a sense of urgency to buy your products today. 

Find inspiration with what works

You do not have to search far and wide to get original content for the holidays. Oftentimes the best way to save you time and to remove the trial-and-error of a new marketing idea is to take ideas from previous ads that work. These ads have appealed to customers which is what makes them a great reference point for your ads or organic posts. This means you wouldn’t be needing to rack your brains on whether the messaging you’re thinking about will be one that connects with your customers. Remember that having the most unique or original content or post does not necessarily make it an effective one for customers.

Have content for the holidays 

Christmas is on the minds of customers the closer we get to the actual day, so as marketers, showing customers that you are also putting out content that is holiday-themed shows that you are relatable and understand what they are feeling. The best part about this is getting to play around with content and using the holidays as an opportunity to engage with customers by putting out content you can’t use anywhere else. Creating Christmas themed content that still keeps your branding intact is one way to achieve this. This time of the year is the best time to get your business ready for the holidays amidst the pandemic!

Keep them thinking of holidays with blogs 

Blogs are vital not just for the SEO of your website but also in keeping customers engaged. It’s good to have regular blog posts but you can take it to the next level by turning your December blogs holiday-themed. Use this not just as a means to promote your product but also as a way to put out relevant advice and content for the season. 

The way you can have the best marketing campaign for the holidays is to plan ahead to make a strategy that works for you while capitalizing on the opportunity. It is not too late to start on your holiday marketing campaign. Follow these easy ber-months marketing guides for all digital marketers and find the right partner who can guide you with your holiday campaigns.  iManila has years of experience in helping brands get a holiday boost with their digital marketing campaigns.  See how we can work together and contact us now! 

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