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Is it Finally Time to Upgrade your Hosting Package?

Hosting plans will always vary in storage and specifications. Most website owners don’t know a lot about hosting. They usually opt for a free or the cheapest plan they can find and focus on designing their website. Over time, basic hosting plans become very limiting.

Remember that as your business grows, you need to consider better hosting options. Hosting packages are an investment, and you have to choose wisely. It should be engineered for powerful and reliable performance online.

At this point, you may be wondering if it’s time to consider upgrading your plan. Let’s help you with your decision. Here are some signs that it is finally time to upgrade your hosting package:

  1. You’re concerned about website security.

Your website hosting should be fairly secure and is using quality security and protection for your site. No platform can be 100% sure of site security, that’s why it’s important to follow different ways to improve website security. That said, as your website grows, there will be a lot of advanced security features needed to help make sure that your site is safe 24/7.

  1. Your website is not getting quality performance and traffic.

Your website should be optimized. First off, it’s important to check if your website is always being analyzed, meaning that your website uptime is clear. Your website should consistently drive traffic, and handle concurrent users well. If that’s not the case for you, then it’s possible that you are not getting enough resources and your current hosting plan can’t handle a website that’s optimized for speed.

  1. Your current plan doesn’t provide enough space and resources.

As your website generates more user activity, adds more pages and files, your site will take up additional space and require more server resources to be able to run smoothly and not experience any downtime. There are different types of websites that are perfect for specific types of hosting packages.

Once your databases and files are exceeding their set limits, outgoing emails take longer to be delivered and other resources begin to run out. This means that you need heftier hosting plans such as a business cloud hosting service, a WordPress secure hosting, or maybe even a dedicated server.

Keep in mind that your website security, traffic, and resources are important and what matters most is that your website is safe and working and has available resources that include disk space, storage, bandwidth, and databases. Before uploading your website, make sure to always contact your hosting provider if your hosting package or server is compatible with your website and vice versa. 

A web hosting plan needs to be efficient and flexible for growth. Upgrading a hosting plan is worth investing in just for the sake of user experience alone. Take time to experience your current hosting as a website visitor and see if it’s helping with your business growth or holding you back. Or imagine what it’s like to be your client always receiving a message bounce whenever they contact you via email. 

Upgrading your hosting package should be considered as a good investment as it’s a good sign that your business is on the fast track of growth and is in need of more resources online. 

With 25 years of experience in the industry, iManila is committed to providing our clients with innovative digital solutions. We are a full-service website design and development, hosting, and digital marketing agency ready to help you with all your online needs. We are dedicated to providing solutions for your website and email hosting needs, to make sure that your resources online are at par with your business’ requirements. Send us a message and get free consolation from our dedicated sales team, who will help you identify exactly what kind of hosting package you need for your business!

iManila: Improving lives through technology since 1996. 

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