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Why Go For Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting?

The emergence of cloud technology has taken the world by storm and for hosting, it is no different. What exactly is the cloud and why is cloud hosting the better choice over the more traditional hosting option? We will take you through everything you need to know about cloud hosting and why you should migrate your website and emails to the cloud. 

Cloud technology 101 

Transitioning to cloud technology means moving or migrating your data, software, applications to the cloud where they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This is a far cry from traditional means of storing your data which involve disks and drives in order to be accessed. 

The cloud has become very prominent to the point where most of the things that we interact with on a daily basis involve the cloud from storing our data online in drives, listening to music shared across multiple devices, and more. The defining characteristic of the cloud is that it is easy to access, making it extremely convenient for everybody. 

Why businesses should migrate to cloud hosting

There are many considerations for businesses to move to the cloud but one of the main reasons to do so would be to meet the ever-growing needs of customers. Companies that do not adapt to this can risk getting behind the trend and their competitors. The cloud can also help give easy solutions and offer a better environment for scaling in the future as it does not have any of the limitations traditional hosting faces. 

Benefits of cloud hosting 

    • Increased uptime of server – Hosting on the cloud can give you the maximum network uptime possible with no single point of failure. If one server is unable to take your request, any of the other servers can take its place — something that traditional hosting cannot do. 
  • Better security – Cloud hosting equips businesses with an infrastructure that ensures data is secured at different levels from data, application, and physical security. Companies can rest assured that they get firewalls and backups, data isolation and storage segregation, customer identity management, and encrypted solutions. Traditional hosting lets you share your resources with other websites on the same server or get a costly private dedicated server. 
  • Scalability – One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is scalability. Resources can be instantly allocated to meet the growing needs of your website. While the traditional hosting method requires physical machines which have their limits on resources, cloud hosting allows sites to add or remove resources such as storage, RAM, and bandwidth from the network of servers. 
  • Backup options – Disaster recovery can be tricky with traditional hosting with just a single server. Cloud hosting is superior as they automatically back up data in their interconnected servers. 
  • Cost-effective – Cloud hosting lets companies only pay for the resources that they need so there is no need to invest in any infrastructure that might not be used. This lets companies allocate their resources to more important areas. 
  • Better performance – Cloud hosting benefits from the latest technology. This means that you can customize and integrate your software depending on your company’s needs. Sites hosted via cloud, in general, perform better than those hosted in a more traditional method. 

Ensure your company’s website is reaping the benefits of hosting on the cloud. Having the right kind of web hosting can help not just in your brand’s overall image but also help you achieve your business goals by having good performing and reliable business websites. iManila is a digital marketing company and one of the best web hosting providers in the Philippines with years of expertise in web hosting, email hosting, and web design and website development. Connect with us and see how we can help improve your business website today!

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