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web backup blog Nov 2

Reasons Why You Need To Backup Your Website Regularly

What’s the use of a good website if it is not well protected? 

This is why keeping your website safe should be one of the major priorities of any business owner. One of the best ways to keep your website protected is by performing regular backups. Backing up a business website is easier than you might expect and can help safeguard your site in the event of a hacking incident. Here are the reasons why you need to back up your website regularly. 

Prevent data loss

Keeping your data safe is the utmost priority in any backup system. This is very relevant for websites with a ton of blog posts and libraries of content and you want to safeguard it against human errors and other incidents. 

With sensitive data, it is even recommended to have not just one backup, but multiple backups available and keep them stored in different locations. Uploading backups to the cloud and keeping a copy in your server is ideal. 

Protection against compatibility issues 

If you are familiar with how Content Management Systems, then you know that they deal with a lot of different add-ons like plugins and themes. However, each time you add one to your site, you are introducing a new element in your current site’s ecosystem. Moreover, they can have an undesirable effect on your website, resulting in poor performance as compared to before. 

Not only that, but backups are a good way to ensure that you don’t avoid the use of these add-ons. For this reason, make it a good practice to backup your business website. That way, if any compatibility issues arise, you can revert it easily.

Fix malware issues 

People may not be aware that websites, just like computers, can also be affected by malware. No matter how big or small your website is, they are not exempt from any attacks. It can be very tricky to deal with malware on your website. The longer it takes for you to fix that security hole in your site, the more vulnerable your site becomes. The easiest fix in this scenario would be to have your backup ready to restore your website.

Create easy staging sites for testing 

The best way to make a big change to your site is by testing it first. Having a recent backup of your site can help you stage a copy in mere minutes. Should anything go wrong when you test your new site out, it would not affect your live website. 

Develop secure best practices 

When it comes to keeping your website secure and in good shape, prevention is always better than the cure. So, it is better to develop security practices such as regularly scheduled backups than solve the damage human error can do to your site. 

Additionally, there are many ways to backup your site and making this a habit is always good practice. Brushing up on this and other best practices for websites is always a good must-have. 

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