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5 Tips for an Outstanding Website

A successful website can be attributed to many things including first and foremost, its design. A website’s design is not just for aesthetic purposes but also showcases the company’s credibility which in turn affects its conversions and other metrics. 

While design can be subjective, there are universal tips that can be applied across different designs that separate well-designed and functional websites from the rest. Here are some tips to get an outstanding website. 

Prioritize optimizing your website’s speed 

One of the baselines of good design is having a design that can allow for fast speeds. This can affect many factors from bounce rate to conversions and even revenue. There is no faster way to get users to leave the website than if it is loading at an abysmal rate. Google and search engines also factor in the page loading speed into who they choose to rank at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Grab their attention through the fold

A study in 2018, has shown that people spend 57% of their time above the fold and 74% of the viewing time was spent in the first two screen fulls. This tells us that prioritizing what goes into the fold matters a lot, that the key is grabbing their attention early on to ensure that they stay longer on the page. 

How you can do this is through a clear and descriptive headline making use of powerful words that can explain what your site can offer its visitors and shows their value and other benefits. The main Call-To-Action (CTA) should be as clear and as visible as possible to improve the chances of conversion. Lastly, topping it off with eye-catching visuals such as images or videos can help bring down the point of what your website is trying to communicate. 

Employ focus on your website 

Typically, people who are given more choices are less likely to make a purchase or come to a decision, as stated by Hick’s Law. How this applies to your company’s website design is the same—you can boost your conversions by giving fewer choices to the users. How you can do this is to—reduce the items in the menu, limit the form fields, focus on one CTA with one goal per page, and only display social network buttons for sites you are active on. 

Use the right order of lists 

Having lists makes websites and information accessible, but no matter if they are ordered or unordered, people are most likely to remember the items at the beginning and end. So when it comes to listing certain features or sections of your website, ensure that the most important ones are in the places where they can be seen and remembered. 

Scrolling over clicking 

While carousels, tabs, and accordions can be tempting, they can often go ignored when it comes to having a functional website design when most people usually scan for content. This is why putting everything on one long page can work as people would rather scroll than click. So if you are thinking of spreading your product information across different pages, think of how it can fit if inserted on one long page instead. 

Get started with a good website design

There are many factors that make for an outstanding website and design is just one of them. Having the right research to back up your website choices can certainly help make for a more effective site. Turn to the experts who can utilize the industry best practices and techniques to ensure that your website fulfills your business goals. 

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