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A well-designed website remains to be one of the most valuable marketing strategies. Here at iManila, what we consider a well-designed website has to take into consideration three basic important elements: Design, Function and Target Audience.

These are what makes a superlative user-experience, which iManila’s web development team lives by. Perception is reality, and what you deem important for your business should be reflected on your website.

We can create a variety of websites
depending on your business needs.

An informative website communicates specific, educational, and instructive ideas to engage a learning audience.


An e-commerce website is an online portal that facilitates streamlined management of goods and services through the internet. It empowers visitors to purchase products and services directly from your site at any time.


A portfolio website serves as a powerful tool to showcase your professional brand, extending your resume to demonstrate your suitability for various opportunities.

Brochure or Catalog

A brochure-style website mirrors the format of a printed brochure, offering a virtual showcase of products or services without online sales capabilities.

Blog or Personal

A personal website serves as a platform for personal career marketing, social networking based on shared interests, or simply as a space for personal expression.

Web Systems

Also known as a web application, a web system is an information system that utilizes the Internet to deliver services and information to multiple users or other systems. It plays a crucial role in publishing and maintaining important and confidential data. Web systems are often customized to meet specific client internal processes and objectives.

All our website packages are built
with the following objectives
To Provide an aesthetically pleasing website

With a user-friendly and mobile responsive layout that will uniquely represent your company.

To increase your search engine visibility

Through the utilization of the latest codes (HTML5 and CSS3) and SEO-compliant coding protocols. This will assure that your website will easily be visible in Google, the world’s biggest search engine.

To empower your organization

By giving you full control and ease of access to your website. The WordPress CMS enables you to update and upgrade your content anytime, anywhere with the support of a stable Internet connection.

To integrate useful WordPress plugins and widgets

Such as social media, blog, online shopping cart, image gallery and many others that will help your online presence fulfill your business objectives.

Our web development
projects include

Get a free consultation from any member of our dedicated sales team, who will assist you in identifying the ideal website tailored to your business needs.

8/7 Technical Support
Help Center
Mapping & CMS Training

*For customized projects

Want to know about our
standard website development process?
Project Kick-off

This is where all project details and schedules are finalized.

Phase 1
Content Collation

You will be required to provide all necessary content (text, image).

Phase 2
Theme Selection or Initial Mockup Design Selection

The selected theme or design will serve as the base layout design for the Development Site.

Phase 3
Website Development

Actual website coding will start upon complete content submission and design approval.

Phase 4
Developmental Site Publication

The live website will be published on the iManila developmental server which can be accessed online.

Phase 5
User Acceptance Testing and Content Revision

You will have 5 working days to review the website and provide us feedback and content revisions.

Phase 6
Website Publication

You will provide final approval for the website to be published on its own domain.

Phase 7
Post-Quality Assurance (QA) and Debugging

After the site goes live, it will undergo our Post-QA process.

Phase 8
In-House Training

We will provide you with a free comprehensive WordPress training for up to four representatives.