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Push your message out. Pull your market in.

What is
Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization pulls in traffic to your website using organic search engine results. It helps your site appear on the first page of search engines like Google. SEO increases your brand awareness to the right market by increasing the quantity and quality of visitors. It helps visitors find your brand online.
Increase your website’s visibility

by creating an SEO strategy designed to increase your website visibility and SEO best practices. We will also optimize the pages of your website for quick searchability.

Deliver relevant traffic

that has a high possibility for conversion and that will achieve your website’s specific goals – be it leads generation, repeat customers, direct sales or increased revenues.

Promote brand awareness

through specific keyword structures that will allow your website to rank in search engine results pages using your brand name or company name as the keyword. Eventually, your website should also appear on the first page using your long tail keywords.

Provide measurable and instantaneous results

that track the progress of your website’s ranking and organic and paid traffic through in-house tools and online analytics such as Google Analytics.

Investment Inclusions
Client Business Analysis

The first step involves conducting a thorough analysis of your business and website. This includes evaluating current keywords, their placement, and analyzing competitor strategies. Based on this analysis, you can either provide us with a set of keywords or rely on our recommendations derived from our initial research.

Keyword Search

Once we have an initial set of keywords, we conduct thorough research to refine them further. This process ensures we finalize the optimal keywords and phrases that form the foundation of tailored SEO strategies designed to meet your specific needs and target audience.

Website Optimization

Optimizing on-site aspects ensures your website becomes more Search Engine-Friendly. Search engines operate by specific rules that must be adhered to for proper recognition and indexing of your site.

This process involves updating on-page content, meta-tagging, and submitting your website to Google’s Search Console for page indexing and streamlined progress tracking across all your web pages.

Content Optimization

Search engines consider website content a crucial factor in their ranking algorithms. Once you identify the relevant keywords, the next step is to strategically develop content that integrates these keywords to improve your ranking.

This step includes the following services:

  • Keyword incorporation in content
  • Content writing
Monitoring & Reporting

Each month, we deliver quantifiable data or reports aimed at tracking our progress toward achieving your SEO goals. We rely on web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our findings.