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Search Engine Marketing

Be more visible on top.

Want instantaneous traffic and results? Put your business on top with Google Ads! This pay-per-click advertising platform from Google lets you maximize your presence and market reach across the Internet through Search, Display, Video, Mobile, and Shopping Ads.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing not only gives you instantaneous traffic and results, but it also increases your brand presence and widens your audience reach by placing your ads on top of search engine results page. As a certified Google Partner, iManila can help you reach your business goals through paid ads.


Increase your website’s visibility

by creating an SEM strategy designed to put your ad visibly in front of the right market, at the right time.

Deliver relevant traffic

that has a high possibility for conversion and that will achieve your website’s specific goals, be it leads generation, repeat customers, direct sales or increased revenues.

Promote brand awareness

through paid keyword structures that show on Google.

Provide measurable and instantaneous results

that track progress of the PPC plan through in-house tools and online analytics such as Google analytics.

Investment Inclusions

Client Business Analysis

The first step is a thorough analysis of your business and website. This involves checking the website’s current keywords, placement and competitors. From this, you have the option to provide us a set of keywords or if you would rather have us do an initial, preliminary analysis before doing the final keyword research. It is also in this step where we can determine which of the Ad Platforms your brand is most likely to be successful.

Keyword Research

Once we have our hands on an initial set of keywords, we will run a more extensive keyword research. This step will provide us the final set of keywords and phrases that will enable us to conceptualize the Pay-Per-Click plan that will best suit your needs and target market.

Pay-Per-Click Planning

PPC Planning involves taking into account the SEM campaign’s intended keyword count, target region/s, impressions, clicks, click-through-rate and monthly cost. This step will help us determine the right action to take to provide you an efficient SEM campaign.

Ad Development

The fourth step is the creation of three (3) effective ad sets for Search and/or Display (depending on the recommended ad type). These ads will enable us to compare which will be more effective and fit to use for the campaign. This phase includes constant optimization to make sure ads are achieving maximum results.

Monitoring & Reporting

On a monthly basis, we will be giving you a quantifiable data or report. The objective of this report is for you to see how far we have come from the initial step up to the final. We use Web Analytics programs like Google Analytics to guarantee the relevance of our reports. Nevertheless, iManila will provide you a concise yet complete report that will show the exact outcome of the PPC plan utilized in that specific month.

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