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Helping you keep your website relevant and up to date.


Standard inclusions for our
Website Maintenance Service
Text and Image Uploading

We keep your website content fresh and engaging. Whether you’re adding new products, updating blog posts, or refreshing your homepage, our team ensures seamless integration of text and visuals to enhance user experience.

Creation or Adding of New Pages

Expand your website effortlessly. We create and add new pages tailored to your requirements, ensuring consistent design and functionality across your site.

WordPress Plugin(s) and Update(s)

We carefully manage and update plugins to optimize performance and protect against vulnerabilities, ensuring your site operates smoothly and securely.

WordPress Version Update

Stay ahead with the latest WordPress features and enhancements. We handle the technical aspects of updating your website’s core software, ensuring compatibility and reliability while you focus on growing your business.

Image Optimization

Ensure your visuals look great without compromising speed. We enhance your website’s performance and load times by optimizing images and visual content in your webpage.

Front-end and Back-end Troubleshooting

Our expert team quickly identifies and resolves any issues on both the front-end and back-end of your website. We ensure seamless functionality and a smooth user experience so your site remains reliable and efficient.

You should consider getting a
website maintenance service if
You currently don’t have an assigned person to update your website.

cPanel is a suite of tools built for Linux OS that gives you the ability to automate web hosting tasks via a simple graphical user interface.

You don’t have an on-call, in-house or assigned copywriter, graphic designer or marketing personnel who can easily update your website.

Your website content should not only catch your market’s attention but also hold their interest. The key to turning visitors into clients is to make your content engaging and informative, long enough for them to click on your call-to-actions.

Your website’s plugins and the version of your CMS has been the same since it was first published.

In this day and age, everything on the internet gets updated and upgraded almost on a regular basis. Constant upgrades are only meant to make things better and faster. Keeping your website’s CMS on its original version together with the original versions of its plugins ring risks of incompatibility with your server and other problems you may encounter which could potentially bring your website down without any prior warnings.

Everyone is just too busy to update the website.

Having a website is one of the greatest marketing tools you can have online. Websites aren’t meant to be stressful and should be seen as a tool to get your customers faster. With a website maintenance service, all you have to do is gather what you need to put on your website and allow us to do the rest.