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Increase client confidence in your website

An SSL or a Secure Socket Layer ensures that the data shared between your website and your visitors are secured, encrypted, and safe from any hackers or intruders. This is apparent when the “green padlock” symbol and https protocol becomes visible on the client browser.

The SSL certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection with the client’s browser and all information is scrambled by a 2048-bit encryption that will protect all information from would-be hackers and intruders.

An SSL Certificate is recommended for websites that

Sell products and services and require private information from visitors, such as their credit card information or other private personal information.

Want to show credibility to their users. Browsers such as Google Chrome sometimes warns users before entering a website without an SSL certificate. A prompt such as this tend to scare off visitors prompting them to leave the website immediately.

Our SSL Packages

Domain Validation (DV) Certificates

The Domain Validation (DV) Certificate is a standard type of SSL which gives proof to domain ownership. Similar to all types of SSL certificates, the DV Certificate will show an apparent “green padlock” symbol in the address bar thereby making the https protocol more visible on any browser.

Wildcard Domain Validation Certificates

The Wildcard Domain Validation Certificate provides the same security as the Standard SSL DV Certificates but for unlimited subdomains and servers of the main domain name and may provide a more economical solution if you need to protect multiple subdomains.

Extended Validation Certificate

The Extended Validation (EV) Certificate not only proves domain ownership but likewise validates the organization. It shows that the business is legitimate and displays the business name in the green address bar. EV certificates are more expensive and takes a longer processing for approval (they require a “snail mail” validation of your actual address and submission of legal documents). SSL certificates require the assignment of a dedicated IP number for validation and must not be shared with any other domain website.

Here are the rates of our SSL Certificates:

  SSL Certificate Type

One (1) Year Registration


Domain Validation Certificate (DV)*

Domain Validation
1 Sub-domain (www)
SHA2 & ECC 128/256 bit Encryption
Trust Logo Supported
Free Reissuance
$10,000 Warranty

Php 4,000 per year BUY NOW
Wildcard Domain Validation Certificate

Domain Validation
Unlimited Sub-domain
SHA2 & ECC 128/256 bit Encryption
Trust Logo Supported
Free Reissuance
$10,000 Warranty
Php 10,000 per year BUY NOW
Extended Validation Certificate (EV)*

Enterprise Validation
1 Sub-domain
SHA2 & ECC 128/256 bit Encryption
Trust Logo Supported
Issued within 7 Days
Free Reissuance
$1,750,000 Warranty
Php 30,000 per year BUY NOW

*EV validation basics consist of verifying the following:

  • Organization legal name and that it is in good standing.
  • Exact organization tradename / DBA (Doing Business As) if applicable.
  • Who is currently operating the business.
  • Address of where the business operates.
  • Organization main listed telephone number.
  • Who controls the domain(s) listed on the certificate.
  • Authenticity of the subscriber agreement.

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