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Engage with your customers.

What is
Social Media Management?
Social Media Management helps you build stronger relationships with your consumers. Gain loyal followers by pushing out relevant content that your market will find interesting, entertaining, and informational.
Promote brand awareness and recall

by diving into the four most used social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) which all serve as part of the most dominant new advertising platforms online.

Promote your business’s marketing offers

to convert followers into leads and customers.

Increase customer engagement

by using social media to create and build a loyal community to connect with current and potential followers.

Increase and maintain market interest

by creating daily relevant posts that will perfectly reflect your brand’s identity.

Investment Inclusions
Client Business Analysis

The first step is a thorough analysis of your business. This involves checking the company’s social media page/s, current placements and the social media pages of competitors.

Social Media Page Creation

Setting up your Social Media account will begin upon provision of relevant company information such as logo, history, mission and vision, core values, etc. These data will help us in making sure that your Social Media Presence is parallel to your company’s brand identity.

Content Conceptualization, Creation and Posting

A variety of content will make up your Social Media account’s status updates. By conceptualizing and analyzing what content posts will be relevant and interesting for your market, User Engagement will follow suit.

Content to be posted will be in the following forms:

  • Text content and imaging (with use of free stock photos);
  • Use of different types of static key visuals such as photos and vector images;
  • Editing and manipulation of photos and stock images;
  • Videos (upon availability c/o Client)
  • Special promos and online contests (upon availability c/o Client)
  • Event promotions per client’s direction
Social Media Ads

Depending on your objectives, we will be utilizing Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to increase and improve your social media presence.

  • Market targeting
  • Ad design and content
  • Strategy and optimization of campaign
User Engagement

Content to be posted will be in the following forms:

  • Comments
  • Messages
  • Inquiries

This will follow your brand’s image and tone. An appropriate escalation process will be followed in the event of feedback that is beyond our team’s support boundaries. We will dedicate an agreed upon number of man-hours between Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, to respond to all comments, messages and inquiries.

Content Moderation

We will monitor your Social Media page’s content to filter inappropriate comments that can potentially harm your brand’s reputation.


Each month, we provide you with quantifiable data or a report. This allows you to track the project’s progress from initial setup to final results.