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Email Marketing

Talk directly to your consumers.

Send relevant and informative emails to your own customer database to enhance customer loyalty and brand recall.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing not only lets you directly reach your targeted audience, but it is also allows you to remarket to your existing client base. This allows you to keep in touch with your customers on a consistent basis. It's a cost-effective solution to help your brand grow by communicating with its audience and by keeping its loyal customers interested.


Promote awareness

for specific products, services, offers, or promos by marketing directly to your existing client base or to clients who are already interested in your products or services.

Improve relationships with customers

through personalization and direct targeting.

Provide measurable and instantaneous results

by tracking the progress of your Email Marketing, specifically by providing you with details such as the open rate and the bounce rate of your email.

Investment Inclusions

Email Marketing Services
  • Use of iManila’s preferred Email Marketing system

  • Client to advise iManila of intended schedule of Email Marketing at least three (3) days before intended schedule

  • iManila will then send out the approved email content to the client’s database

Content Layout
  • Creation of Email layout based on client-provided image and text content

  • Image and text content must be sent to iManila at least 3 days before intended schedule of Email Marketing

  • Email content to be approved by client and will be subject to one (1) revision

  • Email content will be compliant with current Philippine Privacy Laws

Monitoring & Reporting
  • iManila will provide the client with a weekly report which includes information regarding the open rate and bounce rate of each batch of email marketing

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