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The long haul: How to be in the business for years


Telephones, pagers, personal computers, CDs, and the internet. Among these nineties, technology innovations are the birth of iManila. From being one of the internet pioneers, iManila has progressed to be the most trusted and reliable web and digital service provider in the country. Bona fide to deliver the best service to its clients.

As iManila celebrates its 21st anniversary this year, it shares its company secrets in making your business stay for years. Browse, read, and bring your company to the long haul.

Live by your company principles

Every company has its own reasons for existence. As for iManila, living up to its mantra of improving the lives of people through technology has bettered every facet of the organization to provide quality services. Company principles keep the righteous presence in and out of the organization. Thus, producing right processes and right outcomes.


Always have a plan and direction

The main reason why businesses should always have a plan is simple: to ensure that the business is on track. By on track means, going nowhere but to the company’s direction; meeting its sales targets, and achieving its business goals. Not only a plan can bring you to your company objectives but it can also give you a competitive advantage in your craft.

Choose the right people

Our CEO believes that his choice of getting the right people in iManila was a huge influence in our accomplishments. Many individuals can be more knowledgeable and more intelligent than the rest, however, only a few embody the right attitude and commitment that the organization needs to step up from being a good company to a great company. Remember, a team that consists of passionate individuals never fail to deliver the best services.

Don’t be afraid to try and fail

Failing is normal. Trying is normal. But, not failing and not trying is not how any business works. If you won’t try and experience failures, you won’t grow. It’s a way of life for business as much as it is for ourselves. Lack of challenges makes it hard for you to be successful. Go and inhale every mistake. Learn from it and never forget about it. Those failures will soon be a story to tell when the time comes.



Lasting for more than two decades in the industry is beyond what our stakeholders have imagined. A five-year success was expected then, but, a 21-year stay was a combination of luck, blessing, and pure determination. If iManila can make it for decades, sure enough, your business can, as well. Why not give iManila a call? Let’s see how can we be of help with you.


Reference: Entrepreneur

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