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Dedicated Server

Full control for your business needs.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is an exclusive type of remote server that is dedicated to an entire customer and functions like an in-house server but is owned and operated,
remotely. It may also be used to host applications for data storage and backup, and hosting for specialized services.

A Dedicated Server is for you if

Your Website keeps growing

If you’re anticipating high traffic whether through your upcoming promotions, special events or even from your upcoming Digital campaigns, it might be a good idea to opt for a dedicated server this early on. Having a dedicated server will prevent your site from potential crashes or negative user experiences especially during times of high spikes in traffic.

You’re concerned about the security of your website

Websites carrying sensitive information such as credit card details or private personal information are the most susceptible to viruses and attacks. Having a dedicated server puts you in complete charge of your site’s security by giving you the ability to optimize all of the features that you need.

You want full control of your server at all times

A dedicated server hosting solution gives you complete responsibility over how you choose to manage or use your server and its resources. If you’re an advanced web developer or an experienced IT professional with specific and unique hosting requirements, then a dedicated server would be the right fit for you.

Specific Server Features

• Xeon Processors up to 6 Cores

• 32GB of RAM

• cPanel and WHM Access*

• Root access

• 30TB Monthly Bandwidth


• Linux OS

• IP address allocation

• Unlimited Email Accounts**

• Edit your server files

*cPanel is optional. Pricing is subject to the latest cPanel pricing model.
**Easy access to email management via cPanel/WHM

For a complete list and for more details about our Dedicated Server Packages, send us a message with your requirements here.

Capitalize on the capabilities of WHM

The WebHost Manager (WHM) interface has been tailor-made for administrators to get the most out of their machines.

Migrate new accounts with ease
Transfer cPanel accounts from remote servers with no hassle.

View, analyze, & diagnose server stats
Understand everything that is going on with your machine with our advanced server monitor tools.
View how resources are being utilized and get actionable insights on potential issues happening on your network.

Create cPanel accounts & hosting packages
Launch cPanel user accounts and create custom hosting packages for your domains. Choose the services you want to provide.

  • Create cPanel user accounts
  • Create packages
  • Root access to the server
  • Terminate and suspend accounts

Secure your system at various levels
Protect your machines and your customers with all of the security tools baked into cPanel & WHM.

  • Blacklist or whitelist individual IPs or entire regions and countries
  • Deploy SSL certificates to sites across your server network
  • Encrypt all outbound messages
  • Offer multi-factor authentication to users

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