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Why online ads are the new titan


We’re so used to seeing an advertisement that runs down the lengths of buildings along the most traversed roads in the Metro. Billboards. Enormous billboards towering over us in all their titan glory.

But sometimes, titans lose their strength. After all, nothing is forever.

No one can deny the seeming effectivity of these billboards that eat up the attention of anyone who lay eyes on their monstrosity. But the thing is, billboards are only as good as the next one.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?


But the internet; the internet is ubiquitous, which only makes it a perfect avenue for advertisement.

Online advertising is a new form of marketing which uses the internet and the world wide web to deliver promotional messages in various digital formats. These formats range from search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile advertising, and display advertising.

Here are all the reasons why online advertising should be part of your marketing campaign.

Online ads let you customize your target audience. In today’s society where everyone has internet access, you can reach the world. Or at least a specific part of it. With online ads, you can “filter” out your reach based on your preference. This is an assurance that your products and services are getting to the right kind of audience who has a high chance of buying your products or availing of your services. Closing a sale? You can bet on it.

Marketing online is much cheaper than traditional advertising approaches. You don’t have to spend a generous chunk of your bank account in securing a placement on posts or buildings or printing papers that will only be considered eyesore later on. With online ads, you can reach as much engagement as your budget allows you. And the best thing about this is that you don’t just throw your advertisement for everyone to see like a town parade or a motorcade. Online ads let you know how much of the internet is seeing your ads so that you also get the idea of how much you can expect to turn into leads. Kind of leveling up your expectations, eh?

The internet is a huge place. And at present, more and more people are spending a considerable amount of their time doing their shenanigans in it. If you place your advertisements online, the chance of making your brand known is high. In fact, your brand can get by with just online advertisement alone. With numerous social media platforms getting born by the minute, how the hell can you doubt that?

One big difference that the traditional marketing and digital marketing has is the ability to have a two-way communication. In TV, radio, newspaper, and billboards, one can see and grasp your message but cannot respond to it right away – a situation that online advertisement has taken care of. The Web is such an interactive space. Information and ideas can get passed on in a matter of minutes despite a distance of miles. If you put your advertisement online, that alone eliminates the barrier that traditional marketing stumbles with. The chances of seeing a brand online can immediately stir action on the part of your audience.


Frankly, it’s obvious enough that utilizing the substantial number of internet users and the time they spend online is what anyone who wants to truly make his brand known should be doing.

The internet is ubiquitous. Use it to your business advantage.

After all, out of sight, out of mind, right?

Want to advertise your brand online? Help is on the way. Establish your brand online and build up a sustainable online following with iManila. We have a variety of services that cater to each and every social media needs, including Facebook ads. *winks*

See you online!

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