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Three Tips on Keeping our Website Fresh


To most businesses, websites could be considered as part of gaining competitive advantages. It is mainly used for widening your market reach not just nationwide but worldwide, in increasing the accessibility of your potential customers to your products and services, and showcasing what your brand is fully capable of. It is like having your own identity in the virtual world. Although the idea itself is not really a “Eureka!” moment, for anyone now can actually have their own website given the advent of technology and that everyone could be tech-savvy with just a few clicks away. In addition, in this era of social media, people tend to use it more often which could also be very effective for businesses in their promotion and exposure. But that is exactly why there is a greater need now more than ever to keep such websites fresh, relevant and most importantly, worth visiting. So, here are some tips on keeping your websites stick to its A game:


Tip # 1: Aim High, Rank High.
Unlike a good bottle of wine which gets better as it ages sitting in the cellar, websites cannot be just left alone and let it stagnate with its contents. With its fast pacing trends, lots of businesses couldn’t really manage to cope up, which is never a good thing. This is why you should make sure you continuously update your contents and maintain its relevance. Here at iManila, one of the country’s premier companies in fields of web design and development, we are more than willing to provide you quality contents for your websites up to five main pages for free. This will give you a better shot at being top-of-mind brand in your industry. How’s that for starters?


Tip # 2: Let your website do the talking.
Anyone might agree if we say that everything now could be very aesthetical. People can easily give their attention to things that are visually appealing. We can somehow bid our goodbyes to Traditional Marketing strategies which rely on simple and conservative styles. The trend nowadays is inclining more on contents with good graphics or what we call infographics where you are not just discussing your contents with mere words, you are showing what would your products or services would actually look like. Informative yet entertaining thus could pull more traffic on your website.

With our competent website developers and their freshest ideas in UI and UX design, we can assure you of an interest-tickling website which could result to more visits and may lead to more sales for your company. Now who wouldn’t want that?


Tip # 3: Being mobile-friendly.
Here in the Philippines, you could actually name quite a handful of smartphone brands. From the cheapest to the ones with the most prestige. Nevertheless, it only shows how Filipinos prefer their information, transactions and communications be all compacted in one gadget which fits in their pockets. Its ease of use and it being handy are really vital factors. As a result, the emergence of digital marketing; promotion of your products and services online and actually conducting the entire business virtually. The strong WordPress development and E-commerce background of our company which is at par with the industry standards would give you assurance that your websites will defy its limitations and be mobile-friendly so that anywhere, anytime, and anyone could easily connect with your business. Just one touch away eh?


Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot do something about it. Remember that it is innate to every human being to adapt to change. For some, the process might be a challenge, but this challenge adds meaning on every success we accomplish. With its excellent track record in maintaining websites with our own hosting servers, iManila would be honored to help you on weaving your success. Give us a call and let’s see what we can achieve together. Oh, it’s in the middle of the night? No worries, our 24/7 phone and email support team are very much willing to be of help. Hear from you soon!

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