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Website Hosting Features You Should Know


We have mentioned it many times, and we think, we became very repetitive about it – your hosting service needs tighter security because your primary online presence depends on it.

Imagine your website that took a lifetime to load, or sections of your websites that are vulnerable to attacks and malware – are these the kind of situation that will give you peace of mind? NO, it is not, and it never will. Everything your company owns online is your digital assets. These are the building blocks that you need to mobilize and protect, to keep your digital marketing going.

Now, to kick start your website hosting security feature knowledge, below are the basic web server features you need to be familiar with:

The truth is, your website is potentially under attack 24/7. And as your business flourishes and keeps on growing online, you are becoming an attractive prey to lurking malicious online criminals. With a malware detector feature, you get to secure your website by putting a reliable line of defense against security breaches and attacks.

iManila’s web hosting service provides a malware detector that monitors your website 24/7 for vulnerabilities and attacks. When we say monitors, that means that it screens every aspect of your web presence daily to identify security gaps. It not only checks your website, email, and applications, but also search engine blacklists and spam filters. It doesn’t just monitor; it also notifies your IT personnel about the findings with corresponding fixes to boost your security. That is one less burden on your back, enabling you to focus more on pressing matters concerning your business and the day to day operations.


Securities are your first line of defenses. But as businesses like yours evolve, so are the hackers. Day by day, these people are working as hard as your online security to find fault and gaps that they can breach. And I mind you, they never stop, and probably they never will.

So iManila is integrating website backup feature to secure the latest backup version of your website. In this way, when your security features couldn’t keep up with these hackers, you can easily restore your website the way it is before the hacking incident.


You and your company are working round the clock, so should your hosting server. We in iManila understands the worries and pains of businesses like yours – because we are also like you – driven to serve clients and grow as an organization. And all these things in mind will surely stretch you thin.

Important things like your hosting servers should always be secured even if you are not focusing on it all the time. That is why we at iManila has made it easy for businesses to secure the most important data and information in their websites by integrating these security features on our hosting services.


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