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Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Hosting?


Cloud (and cloud hosting) are two of the big things in the IT industry in the recent decade. It was even dubbed as the future of web hosting for its advanced feature than the physical servers. And since then, most software, systems, and other infrastructures are now being transferred to the cloud. Following that mass migration to the cloud comes different buzz and arguments about how reliable it is being in the cloud.

For those who are still having second thoughts about getting into the cloud or using cloud server, here are the things that you might want to read. These are the three things that could enlighten you about choosing cloud hosting and servers.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The cloud has a wide-array of features making it suitable for the varying needs of the whoever migrates into it. If you feel like starting out needs to be modest, you can do such. Cloud is a platform that allocates spaces according to what you desire. In this way, you can start with the basic plan if you wish to. This is to save you cost while your business is still simmering in growth, which can save you some cash, rather than starting big and eventually realize that you cannot maximize the entire server.

  • Scalability

As previously discussed, the cloud has the ability to give you exactly the space you need. So if you started with a small storage and processing power, it is easy to always upgrade your space and CPU capacity without the fuss of migration your database to another server. What you’ll need to do is to coordinate with your cloud provider and you’ll just pay the additional fees for the upgrades.


  • Stability

It is fact that there are times when retrieval of data and other important files failed when your in-house server solutions have encountered hardware and software problems – or even outages that potentially last an entire afternoon. Having an established and dependable Cloud hosting provider like iManila, you can be sure of a constant level of service 24/7.


iManila’s cloud hosting service guarantees stability and scalability to our customers. We swear by it, and that is exactly what we provide.  It is cost-effective, and together with our 24/7 technical support team, we can give you round-the-clock assistance regarding your cloud hosting needs.

Sounds a good deal to you? Leave us a message or inquiry on iManila Contact Us page. Or you may call our tech team at (02) 959-4807 or speak with one of our sales executives at (02) 490-0000, 01 and 03.


source: hyve.com

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