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Important Keyboard Shortcuts of Photoshop CS6 – Mac

The entire population is definitely not a bunch of  Windows users, and that is a fact. For those you opted to buy Mac Book or Mac machine, they’ve lavishly knocked on the gates of the walled garden of Mac and find it much comfortable in that environment. The thing is, aside from default applications, shortcut keys, and the operating system itself, Mac holds a different keyboard shortcut for Photoshop.

It is still vivid to me when I had my first encounter with a Mac laptop. It felt so foreign yet inviting. The interface is very endearing and it makes you want to work with it. But as I had my hands on it, did some typing, and executed the same keyboard shortcuts that I knew from using applications from Windows — I was terrified! There are key combinations that set it apart from Windows, and not knowing it felt embarrassing and frustrating for someone who has been accustomed to the fast and efficient use of keyboard shortcuts for years.

To make it easier for Mac users (which I am definitely not) who are brand loyalists, below is a rendition of our previous cheat sheet just for CS6 just for Mac users who are heavily reliant on graphic design.




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