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Month: October 2017

2017 Web Design Trends


It is a fact that everything about technology constantly changes and web design has no excuse. Like any other technological advancement, web design has also become unique and more experimental over the years. Now that we are less than three months away from 2018, your 2005 blog forum-ish website must move forward as well.

Actually, this year is a bit overwhelming because we have so many web design trends to choose from. But, worry not! Because we have here some of the top web design trends that can help you improve your website’s look and feel for the better.


  • Flat design is out, geometric design is in
    geometry 2Let’s bid goodbye to those flat designs that have somewhat becoming unvarying. Today, make way for sharp, edgy, geometric designs and patterns for your website. The utilization of various shapes such as squares, hexagons, and rhombuses are all around the web these days. This approach gives certain class and branding that makes a website look distinctive from another.


  • Animation, animation, animation


    This is the now. Yes, motion graphics, GIFS, VRs, and videos are still the name of the game. People like to see moving objects online since it’s more interactive. And your website shall give what the people want to see. It’s a lot more complicated than flat images but the experience that it can offer is definitely one of a kind.


  • Uncomplicated menus for better navigation
    Processed with VSCO with kp8 preset
    I guess this trend is the one that will become timeless. Who would like to see complicated menu bars, right? Your web visitors have their reasons on going to your website. It’s either to just check out your products or services or to contact you directly to get some answers. So, why complicate things if you can provide them the information they need from you through simple and uncomplicated navigation? Let your website be straightforward. Then you will get clear-cut leads, too.


  • Diverse typefaces
    In 2016, minimalist design is everywhere. That’s why you can see thin, simple, and minimalist typeface in all places. But, not for this year. Now, web designers are opting to use different typefaces to give flavor to a specific website. This approach jives to the geometrical patterns.


For some, web design is just a form of creating aesthetically pleasing websites.  But, it’s definitely more than that. The design of a website must provide specific function; a function that can give overall user experience to each web visitor, a function that can help you build a solid and successful online presence. And that is the role of the given web design trends mentioned above – to make sensible and functional web designs.



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Reference: http://bit.ly/2ysKu8y


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