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jollibee valentines series

Jollibee Valentines Series: Here they go again!

Just in time for the love month, fast-food giant Jollibee is back again to capture the hearts of many Filipinos with their “Kwentong Jollibee Valentines” series.

This much-awaited Valentine’s day treat from Jollibee received a massive following a few years back with its local and relatable stories.

While their past videos focused on the traditional story of finding that “one true love”, this year’s series took a modern twist and delved into the struggles of modern relationships and how we can keep the love alive.

The first video, Space, directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is a very witty yet still relatable story of Dan, a guy dealing with his breakup after his girlfriend asked for “space”, a common issue most young couples are faced with today.

This was followed by Couple Goals directed by Ianco Dela Cruz that takes a look into the modern-day struggles of a young, busy, successful couple together who their friends often refer to as #CoupleGoals.

Lastly, Apart directed by Pepe Diokno is a story about exes Miles and Ron and what they think contributed to their lost love.

As digital marketers, here’s what we can learn from Jollibee’s Valentine Series:

  • Keep content fresh and relatable

Following their past videos, people are expecting Jollibee to continue banking on feel-good stories for Valentine’s Day. While this may be an easy choice, Jollibee surprised their audience once again by showing the struggles of modern-day relationships for this year’s series, making it more enticing and relatable for their millennial audiences.

  • Build Momentum

As one of the biggest Filipino brands today, Jollibee knows how to attract and keep its audience asking for more. True enough, Jollibee built excitement by releasing a teaser for this year’s series as early as January 31. In fact, the teaser video became viral and to date has 3.4 million views on their Facebook page. The company has also rolled out the videos on separate days releasing individual teasers for each story, which helped make sure that their fans are continuously engaged and captivated by their short stories.

As they say, “content is king”. This is something that we have seen from Jollibee and should learn from them to build a brand that is timeless, trusted and relevant.

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