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Businesses during Community Quarantine

5 Things Businesses can do Online while on Community Quarantine

Business as usual? Just because the rest of the community is under quarantine due to the pandemic, doesn’t mean that your business online has to be idle.


Despite all of the negative things happening around us, there’s always a positive. Think of this time as a great opportunity to revamp your business online, especially if this is something that you somehow never found the time to do before. With a lot of people stuck at home and relying on the Internet to cover for their boredom – chances are your potential customers are out there searching the web or scrolling through social media! So on the positive side of things, there’s no better time to leave your mark online than right now!


Here are five things you can do for your business online while on community quarantine.


Update your website’s images and content

For businesses already with a fully-functional website, now is the perfect time to revamp and freshen up your site. Whether it’s changing the landing images or updating the captions to be more eye-catching, having an aesthetically pleasing website is vital in keeping your site visitors engaged enough to check out what you have to offer.


Write content for your website’s blog page etc.

Again, if you have a fully functional website, maybe now is the perfect time to produce relevant content to give potential customers reason to stay on your website longer. Writing content for your website’s blog is one way to do this. How can this help your website? The more relevant the blogs are to your possible customers, the bigger the chances they are to visit and constantly return to your website and to learn more about what your company has to offer. This is a way for you to soft sell your website. Remember that most people search for answers on the Internet, so having the right articles that answer their questions just might mean another customer for you.


Get a website

If you’re a business owner who has never had the time or the opportunity to create a website, then what better way to spend all your time at home than by conceptualizing the kind of website you want for your company? There are many reasons why having a website has been proven to be valuable to businesses. Credibility is definitely one of those reasons. For a startup business who wants to leave a good impression on their potential customers, having a website is the best place to start. If you own a business that allows customers to purchase your products or services online, then your own website can become a one-stop-shop for all of your customer’s needs.


Start a Facebook fan page for your business

In the Philippines, Facebook is undoubtedly the most used and subscribed social media site. This makes it a lucrative option especially when most of your potential customers are frequent users of the site. While a website is used by customers who actively search something on the web, having social media presence on Facebook is a way to reach out to them when they’re just passing the time scrolling through their feeds. Facebook fan pages can provide an easy way to communicate with your customers with just a single click of a button.


Explore other social media channels

While almost everyone uses Facebook nowadays, it’s not rare to see people using other forms of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. Chances are your potential customers also use them. Knowing who you are targeting as a customer is important in deciding what other social media sites to branch out to. Each social media site differs in their approach to reaching out to their users. If you want to promote videos of your business, then maybe getting a YouTube Ad is for you. If you like to present the products beautifully, or if you’re trying to get influencers on board then maybe Instagram is your best bet. Remember that the more present you are online, the easier it is for your customer to find your brand.


While normal business operations may be down for the meantime due to the quarantine, digital marketing never stops. This is one of the biggest advantages of going digital – that it can bridge communication and information online without needing to be physically present. This works the same for businesses too. If you are just thinking of expanding your business online then there is no better time.


We know that doing this alone might seem intimidating, so getting an expert’s help can be a great way to get started. Let a partner agency guide you through the digital landscape to help you reach your business goals online. iManila is here to help you despite the pandemic. Our lines continue to remain open as we continue to help businesses stay online no matter the economic situation. Reach us through our website, and drop us a question. iManila: Improving Lives Through Technology. #iManila #DigitalAgency

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