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Digital in the New Normal

Going Digital to Thrive in the “New Normal”

The coronavirus outbreak has made a huge impact in today’s economy. Ihas created a huge disturbance in different industries such as tourism, retail, transportation and on all other types of businesses big and small. For a business to keep going during this “New Normal” period is to consider going digital. If you have never had the chance to update your business online, now is the perfect time to brainstorm and to ramp up your digital operation in order to help your business thrive during the global pandemic. 


Here’s some reasons on why you should be going digital now!  

 Many consumers shop online 

 Many people have relied on online shopping not only to keep them safe but also SANE during this pandemic. The quarantine has not only kept people home but has forced them to purchase their needs through available applications and websites who have continued to keep their operations going despite not having a physical store open. Just look at the hundreds of businesses marketing their products on social media! Count the number of promotions you’ve seen on the latest delivery apps!  

Your competitors are probably online… since before the pandemic  

If your business doesn’t have a website yet, well guess what? Your competitor probably has one already and you’re missing out on potential customers who are looking for your product or service while at the safety of their own home. While you were sitting at home waiting for things to happen, your competitors were eagerly drafting up online strategies and working with digital agencies on how to move their operations online. So, if you haven’t considered coming up with a digital marketing strategy just yet – well, you should probably start now.  

Many people are working from home… and will likely continue to in the next few months 

Many businesses, just like ours, have implemented work from home setups for their employees since the beginning of March. In order to get tasks done, working remotely and online has been the only option in order to continue the workflow of employees. Going digital doesn’t only have to mean taking your business online, but also taking your work processes online. This means that you business also has to adapt to using efficient software and online tools that will help the productivity and collaboration among employees. Here’s some suggested business tools you can look into: https://imanila.ph/hosting/office-365/. 

 It’s the best way to conduct business during the pandemic 

 Like what we said, the coronavirus outbreak has made an enormous impact not just on businesses but also in the health, safety and welfare of all employees and consumers. At this time, employers cannot force their employees to go back to the office given the limited availability of public transportation and even to a certain extent, public healthcare. These past months, businesses have learned to survive by showing compassion not only to their employees, but to their customers as well.  


Going digital is one way to solve the many concerns of employers and employees throughout this global pandemic. As we continue to face these challenges, we can also see this as an opportunity to change and move forward in a different manner. Together, we can help you take your business online and keep your business going despite the circumstances. Here at iManila, we are equipped to keep your business moving forward no matter what the situation is. Reach us through https://imanila.ph/lets-talk/ or drop us an email at [email protected] for more information! Stay home and save a life!

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