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Why Holiday Shopping Will Be Different This Year

We can all look back and agree that a lot has happened this year. On top of health concerns, the economy was greatly affected. Businesses across the globe had to adjust and adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic.

One thing the COVID-19 affected was traditional retail as a whole. In a world that’s adapting to the online world, online shopping has become a part of our life.

Here are the reasons why holiday shopping will be different this year,

The people are now buying online.

Pandemic has brought lockdowns and social distancing that made us stay at home. The digital world has changed ever since then and brands had an opportunity to create online shops and choose different online commerce platforms that would help their business to thrive and survive.

All business owners are now focused to meet the requirements of an online shopper and, the convenience that it has brought is a huge deal in the customer’s buying behavior. A lot of business owners even launched online shops this year successfully.  It’s important to know Effective Seasonal Marketing strategies and work on them effectively to make sure that your brand doesn’t miss out.

COVID-19 has accelerated majority of the consumers’ shifts to direct-to-consumer.

According to the recent study of Yogov, 52% of DTC brands are increasing their expenditure on online ADS. The brands are in this research have seen surges in demand for household items, fashion, beauty, electronics, food, and more.

The businesses that adapted to the digital has been successful. For traditional retailers, their sales massively declined since the pandemic started. There are a lot of ways to for your business not to get left behind in the hustle and bustle of online marketing and sales campaigns over the holidays.

Every business and brand should encompass all given situations for business continuity and respond right to all types of risk the company may face. Online shopping has been ensured and is here to stay.

Fueled by a lot of changes in customer preferences and economic situations due to the pandemic and crisis this year, holiday shopping will be different this year. A lot of people have been collecting their gifts from the 10.10/11.11 sales and online sales will continuously increase this upcoming 12.12!

Unless you’re living under a rock, you will know how the ecommerce retail industry and online shopping is growing at a fast rate. One question to ask for your business is are you making the most out of the new normal way of online shopping? If not, start now and allow iManila to maximize your presence online from Web Design and Development, Apps Development, and Digital Marketing. Learn more and contact us now.

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