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Must-Haves for a Successful Digital Workspace in 2021

We’ve made it to 2021! A pat on your back is the best thing to do right now (since we cannot pat someone’s back because of social distancing). Nonetheless, we didn’t even notice that 2021 has just approached. With all the uncertainty and anxiety that happened last year, resilience is good but actions are better. We don’t just stay home and do nothing, we have to do something to get going. Especially with businesses closing left and right, you have to think of a better option to keep your business afloat.

Since most of the businesses are now moving to e-commerce, keeping up with technology can sure be overwhelming. But – guess what! We’re here to help.

With fast innovations and trends within the digital sphere, you must be updated to make work easier. Moreover, digital technologies provide very high values in making work more efficient through advanced collaboration tools. In the simplest explanation, if you don’t carry these five must-haves, your business is not doing digital right.

Must-have No. 1: Connectivity

Of course, this is very important. All transactions and tasks are done thanks to your Internet connection. As employees are now flexible, they get to choose where to work and be able to access business applications wherever they work and whatever device they work on. Approximately 77% of employees wish to have better mobile connectivity from their employers. In that case, make sure to give your employees the option to work in a comfortable environment. 

Must-have No. 2: The right tools, with the right results

And speaking of flexibility, people nowadays can do amazing things whether in the office, on the road or even online. This pandemic gave us the opportunity to discover new skills and enhance it whether it’s a hobby or something that can enhance our interests. And with the right tools to work on, you have the power to create, edit, view and work together in real time – giving you fast and feasible results. Evidently, 91% of employees depend on the latest digital technologies to perform well in work. So make sure to empower them with the best collaboration tools available. 

Must-have No. 3: Video collaboration

Since most of us are still working from home, physical meetings are still nowhere in sight. And since email and phone calls won’t satisfy these long meetings, HD video conferencing is the best option. Just maintain a good connection and the rest is as easy as a personal meet. 

Video conferencing allows you to see your colleagues faces and reactions and allows you to speak to them in real time. Most video collaboration tools now allow for screen sharing and inviting more than 100 guests to the call. No need to be in good health in order to attend a conference these days! 

Must-have No. 4: The ability to make wise choices

Now that we are doing everything digital, you have to get your digital plan right – even the tiniest details are big deals. Just make sure that you handle business-quality video conferencing right. Next is to offer private and public cloud access. Also, transact with sophisticated productivity and collaboration apps. And lastly, carefully manage security across various locations and types of devices. Remember that one wrong sharing move may allow your clients to see all of your year’s work. Be careful with what you share and ensure that your employees are familiar with your company’s data security measures. 

Must-have No. 5: Security

As the digital world keeps on innovating every now and then, security is getting more complex and faces more challenges. With trends like cloud computing, social media and expanding mobility needs, lack of proper protection will let attackers have the opportunity to get in. To have your network security more strengthened, research more about global threat intelligence. Prevent threats before, during and after an attack. And synchronize security across physical, virtual and cloud to reduce complexity.

These must-haves won’t hurt to follow and at the same time will strengthen the productivity and security not just of your company, but also for your employees. These must-haves have essentially helped companies like us maintain our operations regardless of the government regulations in the past year. Not sure that your company is 100% productive working from home just yet? 

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