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10 Tips to Boost your Website’s SEO

For someone who’s foreign to SEO, they say that it’s a slow burn. It’s true that SEO is indeed a slow burn, but regardless, it’s still the only way to rank higher in search engines organically. SEO is vital in making sure that your website is not only visible but also up to date.

There are lots of ways to know what is SEO and how to run a search engine optimization campaign. In this blog, we’ll provide you some tips on what to do to help boost your website’s SEO. 

Don’t Disregard your About Page

When you visit a website’s homepage, the next page most visitors click on is the About page to learn more about the brand and what it can offer. After all, the About page is the second most visited page, while the homepage remains to be the most visited one. Making brief yet understandable information about your brand keeps your visitors staying longer – which tells search engines that your website is of high importance and should be taken seriously due to many visitors staying longer on it.

To add more dazzle on your page, why not add a picture of yourself or your team members and at the same time, detailed information about what you do and your company’s mission and vision. Don’t forget to add important keywords related to your business to let search engines better understand what your brand is about. 

Your Homepage is also important

As important as your About page is your Homepage. Just like the detailed information in your about page, your homepage should also be filled with words relating to what you can do and the services or products you are most known for. While images may not be enough, make sure to have some written copy on your homepage. You can add a short description or a preview of your about page that will help increase visits to your inner pages.

Images need to be Optimized too

You’ll notice that most creative websites are filled with images. Aside from it being a part of their creative brand, having optimized images on your website also helps for ranking. Make sure to optimize those images to avoid having a slow website loading time, which affects the website ranking in Google searches.

Our tip: upload files that are not larger than 2,500 pixels. That’s enough to have high resolution images on any screen.

Fix your Titles and Descriptions

In Google Search, keywords are powerful, and so are your titles and descriptions. Use keywords that are relevant to your target market as visitors will click when they scroll through search results. But take note – not everything should be in your titles and descriptions. Pick out the most important words that will stand as your keywords. And make sure to keep it between 30 and 60 characters for titles and between 70 and 140 characters for descriptions.

Get your website certified with an SSL Certificate

More than putting the right information on your website – your website must be protected and security must never be a last priority. As visitors, we want to make sure that when we visit a website, it is protected from harmful problems and viruses. It is also important in search engines to have an SSL certificate to know that your website is secured and protected.

To secure an SSL certificate, iManila offers different packages depending on your needs. This ensures that the data shared between your website and your visitors are secured, encrypted, and safe from any hackers or intruders. This is apparent when the “padlock” symbol is present before the website’s URL and the https protocol becomes visible on the client browser.

Add a Blog Page

Having a blog page is one of the most essential needs prior to starting an SEO campaign for your website. This page will give you the opportunity to add more content and photos related to your brand. Much more is that you can write articles and hit targeted keywords for better ranking. Just choose the best blog content you want to feature to keep your visitors interested and coming back to read more. Having updated articles and blogs will greatly boost your website ranking in search engine algorithms.

Research on the best Keywords

As ‘Keywords’ are being mentioned several times in this blog, it is because it’s very important to research on the best keywords related to your brand to keep your website visible and in high ranks in search engines.

To intensify your keyword research, you can use Google Search Console to look at what keywords people are typically searching when they find your website.

Build your backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites to your own. It is like a form of promoting a website from another website. Backlinks from other reputable websites with lots of traffic adds validity to your website in search engines. Backlinks typically happen organically when you publish great content on your website. Great content usually gets recognized by other websites and is organically shared without incurring additional costs. For websites that are very eager to rank higher and get backlinks immediately, you can contact high ranking websites directly to request for backlinks, or in some cases, pay for a guest post. Just make sure that you request a backlink from a legitimate and valid website that is related to your business. Otherwise, getting a backlink may just result in a higher bounce rate to your website. 

Avoid 404 pages

A lot of marketers often forget that as they focus on perfecting their SEO campaigns, that there are some 404 pages on their website – which is the page where your visitors end up when visiting a page that does not exist. 404 pages are basically roadblocks to visitors. This stops the flow of traffic between pages and often users who experience 404 pages drop out of the website immediately. Make sure to check on all of the pages to see that everything is working smoothly. 404 pages essentially does not help your website increase in ranking. 

Always connect your website to Google Analytics

This is highly important especially for someone who relies on results. Google Analytics lets you understand everything you want to know and all the data results you need for better understanding and future recommendations.

Google Analytics won’t help improve your SEO, but it will give you the chance to understand your users better and tell you what you may need to improve on in your website to help you rank better on search engines.

Now that we’ve mentioned these tips to help you get started on your SEO campaign, the next step is to stay updated with the latest trends to be visible and be on top of search results in the long run. As we said earlier, SEO is a slow burning process but well worth it in the end once you are ranking versus all of your competitors. 

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