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Key Factors to Consider When Designing A Website

Having a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing website is always a must when creating one for your business. While having strong messaging in your website can help conversions, it is often the visual and functional aspect of it that convinces viewers to stay a little bit longer scrolling through your pages. This is where a great website design comes into play, as a website’s design helps it to be more appealing and functional to its viewers. For new website owners who may not know where to start, we have rounded up important key factors to consider when designing a website

Design with an audience in mind

Your target audience will be the ones who will get to experience your website first hand. This is why it is important to think on their terms. Here is where you think about their pain points, what they are looking for to address those, questions and queries they might have, and an idea of their buying habits. These are just some of the information you can consider that can help you define your audience better and help give you a clearer picture of what your website should look like. 

Balance of form and function

Having the best looking website is always a must, but if it sacrifices speed of loading time and ease of navigation, then the design would be pointless. Add just the right amount of visuals to keep loading time short and play with options when it comes to the color scheme and layout to match your brand’s personality and help you stand out from your competition. 

Good design must also be very functional and since this is a website with many different pages, it must be easily navigatable by first-time users. Ensure that the most relevant information would be seen easily by viewers. Keep in mind that since the average viewer has a limited attention span, that they should be able to see the most important parts of the site. This is where hierarchy comes into play because adding all information in one place can be very confusing for website visitors. 

Create call-to-action buttons

One of the most important aspects of navigation in your website is a clear and distinguishable call-to-action. This is the best way to turn website visitors into actual leads and to potentially make a sale. Placing the call-to-action buttons in key locations in your website can be the push that your visitors need to make that purchase. Call-to-action buttons can range anywhere from: sign up, learn more, buy now, get a quote, contact us and more. 

Link your social media pages

In building brand awareness today, it is not enough to just utilize one channel. Make the most out of the website by also linking your other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Websites are more informational so giving the visitors a chance to visit your other channels through social media platforms, allowing for two-way interaction between businesses and customers. Doing so is a great way to create another channel of communication with your users and consumers. The key is to create as many touchpoints with your customers and leave a lasting impression. 

Keep it SEO-friendly

It is not enough to just have a website. Having one that is SEO friendly is a huge step in being more visible to your visitors. Search engines like Google place a huge value on how SEO friendly a website is when it comes to how it ranks websites on its search engine results pages. 

Things like ensuring your website text has the right and relevant keywords you are targeting, adding alt text to images, and aligning your meta titles and descriptions according to best practice all point towards good SEO. Related to SEO is building great quality content, so building your website with good and direct-to-the-point content in mind would be most ideal in getting the most out of the traffic. 

At the end of the day, websites are there to generate web traffic for your business and turn them into customers. Having great web design is just one of the ways that you can help achieve this goal. What better way to start than by having experts create a compelling and unique website design for your business. 

With 25 years of experience in the industry, iManila is committed to providing our clients with innovative digital solutions. We are a full-service website development and digital marketing agency ready to help you with your web design, hosting, and digital marketing needs. See what iManila can do for your business today!

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