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Pro email marketing tips

Attention Digital Marketers: Take Note of These Pro Email Marketing Tips

These days, there are numerous ways to reach your customers through digital marketing. However, one of the most direct methods is through email marketing. Running email marketing campaigns has its own challenges but when done correctly, can give you the most loyal followers which may prove to be income-generating for your organization. Below we’ve outlined some email marketing tips digital marketers should know in order to add to their marketing arsenal and in order to create meaningful and well-converting campaigns.

Have a Good Call-to-Action Button

At the heart of every email is the call-to-action (CTA) button. The goal is to get customers to open and click your email in order to generate traffic to your landing page. Multiple CTAs can be a detriment and confuse readers from the real message that you are getting across, so having a singular powerful CTA can help drive better traffic to your website. 

A good email is one that guides the readers to eventually click on the CTA, teasing the different benefits of going to your landing page. Make sure that the message you are displaying in your email is the same as what is displayed on your landing page. Having a corresponding message can help make whatever you are offering more resonant to your readers. 

Encourage replies through a strong subject line and personalization 

Marketing today is more engaging than ever. Emails are not exempt from this as they can also be the starting point of conversation between a potential customer. You can encourage this by starting off with a strong and enticing subject line. What are you promising your reader? How can you make your email stand out in your reader’s inbox? 

Refrain from sounding robotic and impersonal. Much of effective marketing relies on that connection that you make with your potential customer. Try to personalize your email and make it sound like it is coming from a real person and work on your tone of voice. Personalization also matters in the content of your email, catering the message and content to what your segment or demographic may find most appealing. Are you using the tools that let you use your reader’s name? Are you sending out emails at the most optimal times? These are all personalization considerations for your email marketing strategy

Send test emails 

Think of this step as a way of proofreading your email before you send it to your actual recipients. Use this time to ensure everything is in order. Do they look the same way? Are they working across various email platforms? Is it optimized for mobile users? These are things you can check when sending test emails in order to make sure the actual email is at its best. 

Monitor analytics 

In order to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign, you turn to what the data says. These can bring a lot of insights to your campaign. For those using Google Analytics in their websites, you can integrate your data by tagging your emails with the campaign codes, giving you more insight into how visitors are getting to your landing page. Here are some of the most important metrics in email marketing

  • Open rate – How many people open your email versus those that receive it. This tells you whether your subject line is enough to draw their attention. 
  • Click rate – How many people actually clicked on your links or CTA versus those that opened it. This tells you if your content is compelling enough for readers to take the next step into your landing page. 
  • Unsubscribe rate – This tells you if your message is resonating with your audience. High rates can mean that your mailing list could be the wrong target market. 

Despite having been one of the older channels of marketing, email marketing has continued to evolve with the trends. Creating meaningful engagement with customers is key to building that trust with them and turning them into customers. If you are looking to grow your business through email marketing, working alongside a digital marketing company can help bridge that gap faster. iManila is a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals through their marketing expertise. 

Schedule a consultation with us and see how we can work together.

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