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Social Media Advertising: How To Get The Most Out of Your Budget

Social media advertising helps you get more bang for your marketing buck while reducing the amount of time you personally have to spend on social media. It takes time and effort to build your brand, engage your prospects, and increase sales. In this guide, you’ll find the steps, solutions and goals to help you maximize your social media profits with advertising — even with a small-business budget.

Pick your platforms

You have a variety of social networks to choose from, but not everyone will deliver the same return on investment for your small business. Zero in on the platforms your target audience is spending time on, but double your effort on the two platforms they’re spending the most time on. To find the best channel, consider each platform’s demographics and how consumers interact with it.

Start organically

Make sure to find a baseline by starting with your organic content. Facebook, for instance, rewards you with more reach if you perform your post organically and then put money towards that content. However, it’s important that you only put money towards organic posts you know are already performing well. 

Use pictures, videos and GIFs

Using pictures, videos and animated GIFs in your posts and ads can give your brand more of a personality online. Photos, videos and GIFs are more likely to be shared and draw more attention to your site than posts with text alone. Some popular social news and entertainment companies use pictures, videos or GIFs to draw attention to their site.

Use hashtags

Hashtags can brand a social media post and act as a tracking device. One way you can measure the success of a social media campaign or get a good idea of how many people are talking about your product or service is by tracking how often a specific hashtag is used.

Follow the Rules

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are known for constantly changing their feed algorithms. This causes a shakeup in how people receive information on their feeds and how businesses reach their audiences. Businesses that are apprised of these changes when they happen and can adapt quickly are rewarded with more reach than those that don’t.

Follow these social media advertising tips for small business in this article, and you’ll be ahead of your competition in no time.

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