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What is an add-on domain?

How do I add the add-on domain to cPanel?

To add an add-on domain, we can use cPanel’s Domains feature under Domains section:

Then, click Create a New Domain:

  1. Enter the domain name in the textbox.
    • Note: Verify if the desired add-on domain is pointed to an IP address/nameservers used by the server. Otherwise, transfer the domain to the server’s nameservers with your domain registrar.
  2. Specify the document root (domain files location), click the checkbox to untick and type your preferred directory or use the created ones that is based on your add-on domain. Generating a new document root is highly recommended to avoid confusion with the directory.
  3. Choose a subdomain.
  4. Click Submit once the add-on domain is final.

If you see an error in this interface, that means that this feature is not enabled for your hosting account, or there may be another problem. Add-on Domain is not available in Shared Hosting Plans.

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