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How to Verify Nameservers for Domains

Consider nameservers to be location identifiers for the company in charge of your domain’s setup. It makes sense to know where to go to update the DNS records for the domain when you know this.

Nameservers are always used to indicate the DNS zone management point for a domain.

Use the public domain database Whois to look up your domain name and check what nameservers are currently in use for it.

Take a look at the row Name Servers, a similar report will appear:

You can also click on the icon next to “updated X days ago” to see the most recent information:

​ Nameservers consistently specify the platform on which DNS changes need to be applied:

  • If you get the iManila nameservers, it indicates that iManila is in responsible for managing the DNS zone for the domain.
  • If you receive any other nameservers, it indicates that iManila is not responsible for of managing the DNS zone for your domain:
    • If you Google the nameservers, you can learn which provider owns them.
    • Next, sign into your account on the website of the service provider and modify the DNS zone for your domain as needed.

Here are iManila’s Shared Hosting Nameservers:

ns1.alchanon.imanila.ph and ns2.alchanon.imanila.ph

ns1.banahaw.imanila.ph and ns2.banahaw.imanila.ph

ns1.candalaga.imanila.ph and ns2.candalaga.imanila.ph

ns1.dulangdulang.imanila.ph and ns2.dulangdulang.imanila.ph

ns1.guitingguiting.imanila.ph and ns2.guitingguiting.imanila.ph

ns1.mailserver.imanila.ph and ns2.mailserver.imanila.ph

Examples of service providers and their nameservers

  • Cloudflare: bob.ns.cloudflare.com, lola.ns.cloudflare.com
  • GoDaddy: NS07.domaincontrol.com, NS08.domaincontrol.com
  • IONOS: ns1045.ui-dns.org, ns1045.ui-dns.biz, ns1045.ui-dns.de, ns1045.ui-dns.com
  • Bluehost: ns1.bluehost.com, ns2.bluehost.com
  • Wix: wixdns.net, ns5.wixdns.net
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