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iManila is not just committed on giving you the best digital solutions but also on providing you with new knowledge to add in your memory bank. Keep your mind refreshed with new ideas through our blogs and articles.

Gmail Phishing Scam on the Rise!

  For most of us, email is a way of life. From work to personal communications to smartphone applications downloads,…

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Selling Sharks: What it really takes to be great in sales

  Months have gone since I last passed by the memory lane. Harking back seven months ago to the day…

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Yahoo Renames as Altaba and its CEO Marissa Mayer Resigns. Hello 2017!

  Altaba. This six-letter word is yet to be the new name of our childhood-favorite search engine tool, Yahoo. People…

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Why You Should Have a Website Revamp This 2017

  Change is inescapable and life fads transform before we actually know it. Yet, the choices we have are… Uhm,…

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