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iManila is not just committed on giving you the best digital solutions but also on providing you with new knowledge to add in your memory bank. Keep your mind refreshed with new ideas through our blogs and articles.


In the Loop: 5 Facebook Business Updates You Need to Know

What started out as a small social networking site connecting  university students in the US, has become one of the…

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How Much Does a Mobile App Really Cost?

Out of the total 7.6 billion people in the world, over 67% or 5.1 billion people have a mobile device.…

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Website Full Potential

Website Must-Haves: How to Reach your Full Potential Online

You can’t deny that modern technology has affected the way companies do business. Today, most successful businesses have grasped the…

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Why You Should Invest in a Business Website

One thing that most traditional businesses are struggling with nowadays is the transition to the digital age. While most business…

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Why is Good Web Design Still Important?

A good web design will never go out of trend. It will just keep on evolving the way other principles…

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A Guide to Consumer Experience Online

  In the yesteryears, it took quite a while before a shopper makes a decision on which brand to buy…

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