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Digital Marketing Terms and Conditions
Updated May 3, 2019

A. Prices

Subject to change based on monthly budget and taxes. Prices are subject to VAT. Amount paid to Google and Facebook are non-VAT items as these are pass-through charges only.

B. Schedule of Payments

Recurring monthly charges shall be billed per month, for the remaining months of the campaign period, as stated in III. Costing.

Deposits are only applicable on the last month of the service with 30 days notice for application of deposit as payment for the last month. Otherwise, deposits shall be returned within 45 days of termination/expiration of service.

C. Late Payment

Any payments not made within the specified Due Date on the invoices shall incur a LATE PAYMENT FEE equivalent to Three Percent (3%) on outstanding balances due each month or a fraction thereof until paid. Should there be a need for iManila to take legal action for payments of outstanding invoices, the Client shall reimburse iManila for all legal fees and additional costs incurred by such actions.

D. Delivery

Day one (1) of the project is upon submission of the Client of the following items:

- Client Brief or iManila briefing document

- Access to Google analytics

- Access to website CMS (for websites not developed by iManila)

- Client’s Social Media Accounts, if already existing

The initial phase of the project shall be delivered within five (5) working days, subject to the delivery of the necessary content and accesses needed from the Client.

iManila shall provide an SEO, SEM and Social Media calendar, for the approval of the Client. For all necessary content for the Client’s approval, iManila shall give the Client up to five (5) working days to review and give feedback regarding the content for publishing. No feedback or response from the Client within five (5) working days shall automatically deem the content as approved and ready for publishing, as agreed upon by both parties in the SEO, SEM and Social Media calendars.

iManila will implement a maximum of two (2) revisions for all the necessary content based on the client’s feedback. The Client understands however that uncollated revisions that are not communicated clearly to iManila may result in a delay in the start date of the campaign. The Client will give iManila up to two (2) working days to revert back with the revised content per Client’s feedback and comments.

E. Terms

The Client shall refer to the contract for the minimum contract term. The contract is renewable monthly with budget liquidation from the acceptance of this agreement and the initial payment. The project will auto-renew every month if the Client provides no 30-day cancellation. A 30-day notice is required by iManila in the event of campaign termination.

F. Pre-Termination

In cases of pre-termination of the contract prior to the end of the project term, then all payments made, as well as work done, shall be demandable and forfeited in favor of iManila.

G. Access Permissions

We will require access to your Google Analytics to enable proper monitoring of our SEO and SEM strategies. For websites not developed by iManila, it is important that we have CMS access to your website for the uploading of optimized content. On-page website optimization requiring coding and scripting to resolve SEO issues shall be undertaken by the client’s webmasters/providers in coordination with iManila.

For e-commerce websites not developed by iManila, it is important that we have CMS access to your website for proper monitoring of lead conversions.

In addition, it is important that we have log-in access to the social media accounts involved (if client already has existing ones) and that we are guaranteed of the client’s full cooperation to be able to execute all strategies in this project. We will also require access to any web statistics software (if you have one) for your website such as your Google Analytics to enable proper monitoring of the effects of the social media marketing services.

H. Client Responsibility

iManila will review all artworks, designs and specifications according to the directive and business objectives of the client. However, it is also the client’s responsibility to review and approve all artworks, designs, specifications and all final materials.

The Client shall identify a main point person for the project, through whom all project-related matters will be coursed. This main point person is responsible for securing sign-offs on Change Order Requests and acceptance of deliverables from the Client’s end. iManila shall not accept any requests from the Client without the proper endorsement and approval of the identified point person. By signing the conforme of this proposal, the Client understands that requests outside the scope of this engagement are considered as Change Request Orders (CRO) and that these changes will have implications on the timing and costs of the project.

Should there be any delays in feedback from the client’s end, iManila will consider the project on-hold. In cases when a project is put on-hold and in situations where the Client cannot provide any content or feedback and voluntarily opts to put the project on-hold, the project shall be put at the end of the queue against all other projects currently being delivered by iManila and the client will have to wait for the next available slot in order to proceed with the project timeline and deliverables.

I. Meetings

iManila strictly abides by the timeline agreed upon by both parties, and implements coordination online to save time on travel for meetings. However, in lieu of the events when the client needs a face-to-face meeting, iManila allows a maximum of two (2) out-of-the-office meetings with the client. The rest of the necessary meetings can be done online via Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts or whichever is applicable for both parties.

Should the client wish to hold further meetings beyond the allowable out-of-the-office meeting cap, the client shall pay the man-hour rate of Php1,000/man-hour plus out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the development team members required in the meeting. The amount shall be billed accordingly to the client.

J. Limited Liability and Intellectual Property Rights

Any material submitted for web publication shall be the full responsibility of the client and will not contain anything that may lead to an abusive or unethical use of the Internet. All images and content published on the Internet should be rightfully owned and/or licensed to the customer. Abusive and unethical material and uses include, but are not limited to, pornography, obscenity, nudity, violations of privacy, computer viruses, harassment, any illegal activity, spamming, advocacy of illegal activity, and any infringement of privacy.

K. Exclusivity

The final creative product becomes the exclusive property of the client, upon approval and acceptance. Any other work created and developed by iManila in the course of the project remains the property of iManila.

L. Exclusions

iManila’s accountabilities will be limited to the deliverables outlined in this proposal. Here is a list of optional services that may be availed of from iManila:

● Hosting

● Domain Name Registration / Renewal

● SSL Certificates

● Website Development

● Mobile and Web Applications Development

● Graphic Design and Image Editing

● Search Engine Optimization

● Content Marketing

● Technical Support Services

Should the client need other services outside of this engagement, iManila shall present a separate proposal covering the requested deliverables.

M. Account Management

iManila’s Digital Marketing Specialists are available during office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Clients may get in touch with the Digital Marketing team via our phone line (+632 3 4900000) or email [email protected].

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