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Service Level Agreement for iManila Internet Hosting Services


By signing up for iManila Internet Hosting Service/s, Client will benefit from the present network and power uptime guarantee if billed directly by iManila.

The following guarantee is applicable to all iManila Internet Hosting clients. All clients of renewable Service/s and whose accounts are in order are eligible for the present Guarantee Terms.


I. Guarantee Terms

99.5% Network Uptime

iManila guarantees 99.5% network uptime for all subscribers of a solution with a network connection included.  In effect, we guarantee that downtimes due to Network Outage will not exceed 43.8 hours per year.  In the event that a network outage beyond the stipulated 43.8 hours per year should happen, iManila will compensate Client with a credit equivalent to one day of service for every hour of Network Downtime that is beyond the guaranteed level. The credit amount that can be claimed shall not exceed Client’s total monthly due. Unavailability is defined by failed PING commands to the IP address of the server hosting your website. This unavailability must be directly caused by problems in the connection linking iManila to the internet and must be verifiable from multiple external Internet hosts.


The guarantee is limited to network unavailability on the network operated by iManila as well as the hardware owned by iManila or one of the direct suppliers. The guarantee is in no case applicable to external network problems that might cause local interruptions for some internet service providers. The guarantee is in no case applicable to unavailability caused by hardware or software malfunctions, application of the acceptable use policy, network slowdown, planned maintenance activities or any event that is not directly under the control of iManila. Any request for credit concerning a problem other than network uptime will be analyzed and treated individually as an independent request which is not subject to the network uptime guarantee.

99.5% Power Availability

iManila guarantees 99.5% electrical power supply and availability of its datacenter for all subscribers of a solution with an electrical supply port or an amp circuit involved.  In effect, we guarantee that Power Unavailability downtimes per year will not exceed 43.8 hours.  If a Power Outage beyond the stipulated 43.8 hours per year should happen, iManila will compensate Client with a credit equivalent to one day for every hour of Power Unavailability beyond the guaranteed level. The credit amount that can be claimed shall not exceed Client’s total monthly due. This unavailability must be caused by problems directly related to the data center’s electrical supply, your server or bay’s power supply.


The guarantee is limited to electrical power unavailability due to hardware directly owned and operated by the iManila or one of its direct suppliers. Any request for credit concerning a problem other than electrical power supply will be analyzed and treated individually as an independent request which is not subject to the electrical power supply guarantee.


II. Claim Procedure

The guarantee is limited to Network and Power Unavailability only. All requests must be made within seven (7) days following the end of the month in question. All claim requests must include the starting time of the unavailability, the time when services came back to normal, and at least three (3) “trace route” commands taken during the unavailability. Any incomplete claim request form will be discarded. The request will be processed within 10 to 15 working days following its reception.


III. Guarantee Contract

The guarantee is automatically valid for all of the iManila Internet Hosting subscribers. iManila reserves the right to modify the present guarantee at any time, without notice.


IV. Technical Support 

iManila shall provide FREE technical support for all Hosting accounts with the following issues: issues related to the functioning and functionality of any of our Services, including issues Clients report related to the uptime and connectivity of our Services; issues related to the proper functionality of iManila User Area, including tools and features provided by iManila, cPanel features accessibility and connectivity including  those related to settings and proper usage of the tools and features provided by us; 

 Inquiries related to the registration, renewal, and transfer of domains to us, DNS or WHOIS updates. For issues related to domain transfer from iManila to another hosting provider or registrar, our support is limited to assuring that the domain is transferable per the requirements for the respective domain extension. 

Shared Hosting 
Shared hosting is covered by iManila’s shared responsibility model. iManila takes responsibility for the Shared hosting solution’s accessibility and availability; security and reliability. While iManila maintains the cloud infrastructure, Clients are responsible for securing and managing their data, hosted application or website and the setting their account configurations inside their Shared hosting account via cPanel access. 

Self-managed Hosting Solution 
Self-managed Hosting Solution gives Clients complete control where they have their own server, and manage it themselves, their way. With full root and administrator access, Clients can install any software they want to. While iManila takes responsibility of the server’s accessibility and availability, with a self-managed server, the responsibility of managing the server rests with the Client, the owner. 

Managed Hosting Solution 
A Managed Hosting Solution is where iManila takes full responsibility of managing the server. From server updates, and patches, monitoring and OS management. However, depending on Client account’s scope of support, managing the Client’s hosting application or website may fall on a separate support engagement.   


The following issues are outside the scope of our free technical support:

  • issues related to the installation of third-party scripts/applications not provided by iManila;
  • website related inquiries such as coding issues, database optimizations, benchmark tests, installation of new software on the server, changing the current setup of Client’s servers, etc.;
  • issues related to web design, web development and/or customization; inquiries related to the functioning of scripts, optimizations, SEO services, themes or extensions; website security audits and malicious code clean-up issues;
  • issues regarding behavior of 3rd party email applications like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc. iManila shall only support the versions that are still in the support life cycle of the vendor;
  • cPanel management like adding, modifying users, adjusting cPanel account settings, generating backups and etc. Unless the client has availed a cPanel Management Service, these are self-managed tasks.

Client request for technical support for issues outside the scope of our free technical support services may be provided by iManila at its discretion subject to availability and additional support fees. iManila shall inform client of any additional charges and will require explicit consent before the paid support is implemented. The paid technical support shall be billed by iManila to the Client upon completion of the support ticket.

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