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Why You Should Have a Website Revamp This 2017


Change is inescapable and life fads transform before we actually know it. Yet, the choices we have are… Uhm, no. We have no choices but to cope.  To cope for our own sake.  Like how we choose to cope up with that one powerful thing that consumes our lives – technology. Those technology-based techniques we used three to four years ago are now considered vintage, and as humans who couldn’t afford to be left out of the trends, we should always be on our feet to keep up with the coming changes.

Alright, let’s get to the point. We here at iManila deem to give you an eye-opening tip for your business, and specifically, your website. To cut to the chase, we highly recommend a website revamp for your business this 2017, and here are the reasons why you should definitely do it.


Your website design is so ancient it could pass as an artifact in the National Museum.

The first time you launched your website ages ago, yeah, you were the cool one. The vivid color scheme, screaming bold typographies, text-heavy first fold, and pop-ups. You certainly lead the game. But not today. Not in this period of minimalism and simplicity. Web visitors prefer seeing clutter-free websites. They need information. You must provide it to them in the easiest way that their eyes could see and their mind could understand. You know the old saying that simplicity is beauty? It applies. So, a website revamp will definitely be ideal.

Your website lacks conversions like an unrequited love.

One of the reasons why websites are created is to be a profitable online medium for businesses. Why spend money if it won’t deliver results, right? So, if you want conversions, think if your website really deserves any. Does it contain high-quality photos? Does it have compelling content? Is it easy to navigate? Whether it’s for brand awareness or leads generation, you have to determine what your website goals are for you to measure conversions.

Your website has to move-on from the desktop era.

Mobile usage increases each day. Even ten-year-olds and people in their sixties are part of the increasing statistics, causing the unstoppable growth of mobile browsing. Given this, you have to go with the trend and make your website mobile-friendly. Getting a website revamp to have a mobile-responsive web design automatically adjusts your website interface from desktop to mobile, viz. Meaning, whatever device you are using, you can still view the site as it is. No need to zoom it in or out just to read the text properly.


Your website couldn’t even get awards or nominations for the SEO-friendly website of the year.

You have probably encountered the term Search Engine Optimization once in your life. But, have you considered applying this modern marketing tactic for your business? If not yet, you better do so. You can start by redesigning your website first. Good ranking in search engines is a result of a good integration of meta tags, title headers, compelling content, AND great website design. These strategies always work BEST together.


Revamping your website is not just a luxurious gesture, but more of a necessity. A need. A must. Whatever term you use, you just got to do it for your business, for your market, for you – as it mirrors the quality of your service and products digitally.


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