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Your Online Brand Starts with a Reliable Hosting Service


I heard this a lot from potential clients asking our tech support about our hosting packages. These potential clients are looking for a reliable hosting service provider. However, some of them are not quite knowledgeable. Perfect examples are those who are hesitant to know more about the hosting service they’re inquiring about. Most of them are marketing professionals believing that they need to focus more on growing the brand and creating a solid marketing strategy online. That is why they are passively asking inquiring because they simply need it – or just because they’re asked by their IT peers.

This is usually the pitfalls for some marketing executives. Not being able to understand the parameters and limitations of your hosting server usually lead to disaster.

As we always say, your brand online always starts with a reliable hosting service. And here are the reasons why.

  • Hosting server is your primary business data repository

All the information and files you upload to your website (and the website itself) are all housed inside your server. Whatever happens to your server will definitely happen to your website and your web applications such as your in-house CRM and ERP (if there are any).

Even if there are other factors affecting your website performance, your hosting server also takes a crucial in dictating its performance.

Your server’s specifications have something to do with the efficiency in retrieving data from folders in your server going to your website. Factors such as the bandwidth and processing speed have something to do with the loading time. If you are really uploading large media files such videos, you might need a better and bigger server.

Your business brand online is dependent on the content you upload online. Interactive mediums are usually bandwidth and space-hogging files. Often times, good marketing branding depends on the authenticity and creativity of the content created and uploaded on your online assets. And usually, the most effective content format these days are motion graphics and videos.


  • Security of your hosting server says a lot about your data’s longevity

This digital age treasures, not just paper bills and bonds, but also data. Whatever we post online about our business, plus the things that we gained from it such as lead list, mailing list database, client lists, and even transaction histories are undeniably valuable business assets that should be protected.

Negligence and complacency can open doorways for hackers to get in and mess up with your valued database.

Find a hosting service provider who can give you security options to keep your peace of mind is the next best step that your company needs to do.



No matter how we try to justify that hosting servers don’t matter that much in online marketing – it will always come back to haunt us just like our past mistakes. A server keeps everything visible online, it is, in fact, the foundation of all online efforts. Undermining it is like claiming to build a tower without a solid foundation.

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