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Why Is Client Support Essential in a Hosting Service?


Client support, for a fact, is the core of most service-type of business for both B2B and B2C. Its importance is widely adopted and used even with consumer durables. Electronics, vehicles and even gadgets are applying the same principle to keep their product loyalists and earn more clients in the long run.

Hosting service is in any way not an exemption to this kind of business principle. Not all marketers, managers, senior executives, and directors are tech savvy. They all rely on their tech guys too. And in most cases, their tech guys are not round-the-clock ‘bots’ that can check every “bit” lurking in their information system.

There are many errors that clients cannot solve on their own.

One thing is for sure, not every difficulty can be handled well by the client. Even with IT guys around, there are times when things go out of hand and the client may feel that they’re in the dead end in some situation.

Now here are some instances which explicitly show that clients really need client support.

  • When the website’s page loading time is slow like a slug.

This is, in fact, the duty of provider to make sure that things are in the optimal condition for their website to load properly. There are some IT professionals employed by the clients who may opt not to meddle with the server so as not to jeopardize the situation further. And normally, in this kind of situation, providers need to step in to help the client.

  • Mailing difficulties related to the server.

This one is probably the most frequent thing hosting providers like iManila usually deal with daily. There are times when clients fail to monitor email activities of their employees and forgot to remind them to always clear their email trash – or to delete old emails that no longer bear importance. This could congest or bloat their current server space that may lead to some glitches with other software and/or applications hosted on the same server.

  • Hacking incident

There are gateways for hackers to intrude servers and some of those are usually available and vulnerable, to which is no fault of the hosting provider. Though this one may pose a lot of questions and arguments on both sides, hacking remains to be the top issue that needs client support.


Let’s face it, customer support is one of the criteria that sets a great web hosting provider apart from the lousy ones. And even in the coming years, customer support will remain a vital business aspect that will continue to drive growth for businesses.

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